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  • Another New Administration Pick is Proven Corrupt (again)

    by Founder on January 31, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As Obama surrounds himself with individuals of questionable character, another pick now emerges to have conducted himself in a selfish, greedy and corrupt manner – while acting as an agent for the United States tax paying citizens.

    Tom Daschle, the former South Dakota Senator picked by Obama to head the nations massive health care system – was revealed to have received $220,000 in speaking fees – now alone, this is not a problem – every person is allowed to earn a living – BUT in this instance Daschle took the fees from “health care groups” with a direct interest in the work he would do once confirmed as health chief! This is clear bribery and grounds for the appointment to be denied.

    This , of course is in addition to Daschle coming under fire recently for not paying $128,203 in taxes – another one who thinks he’s above the law. Yet here he received thousands from the Health Industry Distributors Association – a company that would directly benefit from Obama’s plan if put into effect – clear bribery – yet it seems to be allowed these days – even by the American people.Where is the outrage?

    The all mighty White House then releases a statement saying it “acknowledges that he has some issues – but nothing that should block him from nomination.” Of course not – why would this block him from nomination? He’s just proven he’s corrupt – that seeems to be what is now “required” to become nominated – not something that would “prevent” one from getting nominated. Very sad.

    With Daschle, the tax matter involves back taxes for income he received through the use of a car and driver that was GIVEN to him by a “democratic supporter” – another bribe. It totaled $250,000 over three years – just for a car and driver to drive this elitist around? Insane! He only paid the taxes because he knew he would be caught – if he were never nominated by Obama he would NEVER had paid these taxes.

    just think of the extent of his other corrupt activities that we don’t know about? This is completely outrageous and should immediately disqualify this thief from being able to represent the American tax payer. We must stand to stop this nomination, call your Congressman – or is it too late? or is it just irrelevant to the government what the people think anymore?

    Then Harry Reid’s office, in the most liberal and dictative way, announced that “Senator Daschle will be confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. He has a long and distinguished career and record in public service and is the best person to reform health care in this country” – that was the satement. To say that Daschle is the best person for the job – a corrupt, life long politician – is clear insanity and corruption in itself. How long are the American tax payers going to take this? How much more can we take?

    Please America – wake up to the injustices that are occurring in our government. Use this forum and others to make your voice heard and stand up for your rights and the Constuitution. Let’s not let our children down and even those not born yet – let us protect the future of coming generations and give them a free land of opportiiunity and prosperity – not what this government wants for them – a Socialistic controlled society. Make your voice heard today.

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