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  • Obama The Fear Guy

    by Founder on February 1, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    You may have recently read how people think that Obama should layoff the negative talk – that he is talking down the economy. For those who say this you are right – but he cannot stop this negative talk because it is a very important “first step” in his plan to turn this country into a Socialistic and Communist country – unless, We the People – with common sense – stop him.

    Dispensing “fear’ is a vital component in getting the masses to go along with his radical plans. Yes, it is very important to Obama that you “think” that the sky is falling and everything around you will collapse – what a pathetic way to run a country – but a great way to run a country – into the ground!

    While Obama secretly and deceptively devises his “budget” along with his Socialistic plans – he is trying to convince the country that everything is bad and getting worse – but the funny thing is that, it is the – actions of the government – that are making this economy worse. It is the policies of Obama and his massive debt building that are causing this country to tank – and the government loves it.

    The government and Obama want the economy to tank – this puts them in a better position to CONTROL your life and your government – which is their sick, demented plan. This puts the government in a position to where more people will look to them for help – just like in Venezuela – Get it?


    If the government did nothing and let the economy simply work itself out – we would be in much better shape than allowing someone with no skills or experience to steer this country into a depression and right into the arms of Communism. If nothing were done and this massive spending did not occur – our economy would crawl itself out of this problem with in one year – but with this massive government intervention- Obama is trying to hijack the government and to allow the government to “be the economy” for years and years to come – hopefully keeping the Democrats in power for all those years.

    If you are bringing up children right now or are planning on having some – just know that with Obama’s plans – your child will work for the government in some way and grow up with shackles and chains around their ankles. Very sad indeed. Much different than the free, Capitalistic America I grew up in – the America that allowed me to dream – Obama’s America is dull, grey and dreamless – a depressed, government controlled waste land – is this what you want now? – or for your children’s future?

    Fear is a big part of this man’s philosophy. Fear is a big part of Socialism and Communism. People must be afraid and brainwashed into thinking that – it is only the government who can fix the problems – and believe it or not – Obama actually came out and said this – he has already said that “Only government can now help – only government has the resources to save America.”. This is VERY scary talk indeed – this is the talk of an uneducated idiot – this is the talk that comes before TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    But I believe that the people of this country – the tax payers – not the masses – but the tax payers – we are smarter than he is. We are true Americans – not the other kind of person the government is aiming at or trying to push around and control. True Americans do not want control – we do not want Socialism – we do not want Communism – we do not want the governments help – in fact we want this kind of “Government Control” to immediately stop and for Capitalism to take its place once again. We do not want the money we have worked hard for – to simply be given away to those that are poor or don’t have money – this is not Russia – this is America!

    Our elected officials think We the People are stupid. Do you like being thought of as stupid? Obama thinks you are an idiot. He thinks that We the Taxpayers of this country are simply going to bend over and allow him and his radical Cabinet to literally screw us and all future American generations out of our dreams. Are you going to allow this?

    Right before our eyes Obama is trying to steal away the America you once knew – the America I once knew. We must hope and pray that this is the quickest four years in Presidential history and when all is said and done that this guy hasn’t ruined our Capitalistic society to the point of no return.

    Just like the Democrats started their campaign for President two years before the election – the Republicans must do so as well. Why not start now? Obama is a joke – and completely unfit to be President of the United States. Hey, as far as elections are concerned, mistakes have been made in the past – but in the past there were actual checks and balances within the government to prevent radical changes – but now – there are no checks and balances in government and our Constitution has been hijacked – to read and interpret any way these radical politicians desire.

    Please join me in this battle against our rights and our freedoms. Obama thinks we are mules, animals to be slaughtered and used – let us rise up and vote these radical un-American politicians out of office – and maybe someday they will actually realize what it is like to have a real job.

    Please make your voice heard today – and vote “NO” to Obama’s Socilaism – the time is running down – We the People must act now! We must Assemble and Petition the government for change. This is no longer a lackadaisical situation – this is an urgent matter of National defense – our government is being attacked from within by terrorists – the same terrorists that the un-educated and not caring populous voted into office. Please stand tall with me and make your voice heard today!

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