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  • Super Bowl Sunday

    by Founder on February 1, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today is traditionally a day of celebration. It is a day when America suspends most activities to participate in the American tradition of the Super Bowl. If you watch the Super Bowl you will see an amazing extravaganza from start to finish with commentary, action and entertainers. The total dollar amount of advertising sold for this TV show is just over $200 Million. This is the type of event that really dispalys the American spirit and Capitalism at its best.

    As we forge on to a new type of world and America – guided by a new administration – let us hope that this type of American tradition continues unabated for many decades and years into the future. Yet I do not know where this economy will be next year for the Super Bowl. Will there be the ability to sell over $200 Million in advertising again? Will there be the ability of these teams and all of sports to be able to pay the enormously high salaries that these players are used to? Or will the economy and the corrupt government finally catch up to sports as well?

    The Super Bowl embodies the freedom for which America stands for. The music, the fan participation, the experts telling you who they think will win and all the families and kids around the country huddled in front of their TV sets to watch this once a year game – this truly is an American tradition. As time goes by it is very important to the sustainability of American culture that these time tested traditions be upheld and not lost. It seems the farther we get away from 1787 the farther the American people and our government drift from our traditions.

    Let us use this day as a reminder about American culture. A reminder that “Yes – we are Americans” and we stand for American values and principles. We believe in Capitalism not Socialism. We believe in responsible spending and saving not blind, irresponsible spending. We believe in truth in government not corruption at every level and position. We believe in the free markets not the government controlling the economy. We believe in the freedom to do and be whoever we want as we pursue prosperity and happiness NOT in the shackles that Socialism wants to put around our ankles.

    Use this day to be proud you are an American and to tell yourself that you will stand firm for your principles and make your voice heard. We as tax paying Americans will not let Obama turn this country into a government controlled, Socialistic society.

    Let this Super Bowl stand for something. Don’t just let it be a fancy curtain that hides the real American government that is trying right now to constrict your freedoms and decide your financial status and future for you. I hope that thought scares you.

    As you work each day do you need to know that IF you work harder and smarter you can make more money? Lots more money? You can achieve your American dream? The Super Bowl embodies this American dream – being able to start with nothing and then to build it with no limits. I am sure many of the actual players in this game came from poor beginnings but through hard work they changed their lives and well, here they are – on the biggest stage there can be. They have lived their American dream – we must now be sure future generations have the opportunity to do this as well. Stand for principle and help the American dream live on.

    Enjoy your day today and enjoy the game . Let’s celebrate the greatness of this country and the freedoms it allows us. Just as the millions are getting together to watch the Super Bowl, we as tax paying Americans must also band together to protect Capitalism and the American way. Make your voice heard today. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution.

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