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  • How to Amend the Constitution

    by Founder on February 3, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Article V of the Constitution addresses the issue of Amending the Constitution. The framers of the Constitution wanted to make it difficult to actually change the Constitution – and they established a way to do this. But little did they know that as time marches on – our elected officials will not be concerned with actually “changing” the Constitution – rather our elected officials of today simply ignore it all together.

    The founding fathers established two methods to Amend the Constitution. One is a new Constitutional Convention – which has never been used. Two thirds of the states (34 of 50) can petition Congress for a new convention. This method has always caused concern because it is feared that this method will open up the Constitution to change beyond the proposed Amendment on the table. If a new Constitutional Convention were convened, three quarters of the states (38 of 50) would have to ratify the Amendment for it to go into effect.

    The second and more common method to amend the Constitution calls for both houses of Congress to approve the proposed Amendment by a two thirds majority. The proposed Amendment would then be sent to the states for ratification – and again three quarters of the states must approve of the Amendment for it to be ratified and put into effect.

    Do you feel there should be changes to the Constitution – because of the times we are now in? Or do you feel that the Constitution, as written, should rather – simply be paid attention to and followed?

    Our current government pays no attention to the Constitution with regards to printing money and how it values its currency. Going off the Gold and Silver standard for our currency is a major contributing factor that has led to the decline of and coming collapse of the dollar. All because some politicians feel they know more than the original founding fathers – but they didn’t, they don’t and they never will.

    Now you know how the Constitution is legally amended and the process necessary for the Amendment’s ratification. Do you feel our Constitution should be changed in any way? Is it “not following the Constitution” that has put our country into it’s current financial situation? Or is it simply a lack of morals and principles by our elected officials that has led to the selfish and greedy monetary decisions made by these people? I tend to go for both.

    Yes, our country has drifted away from the Constitution and it’s original intentions but more so – our government is now filled with corrupt cheats and dishonest liars who are out to only advance their personal lot in life. Our elected officials have no concern for the hard working, American tax payer any more – they are only concerned now with generating votes to stay in office – votes from – minorities (which whites are now becoming a part of), the poor, the non working, illegal immigrants and as many people as they can make dependent on the government as they can.

    Is a new Constitutional Convention necessary? Probably yes – but – not with the type of jokers and cheats we currently have in power – they do not have the necessary character and principles to even begin to write a new Constitution – nor do they have the necessary vocabulary to put into words what should be said. Please sign in to this site and be counted as an American for the Constitution. Make your voice heard today!

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    Sean McDonough October 5, 2015

    You said that politicians are concerned with generating votes from illegal immigrants. This is false. Illegal immigrants are not US citizens and cannot vote. Your bias leads to factual inaccuracy and severely damages any semblance of credibility that you might have had.


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