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  • The March Towards Socialism

    by Founder on February 4, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It is amazing to me how out of touch our government is with the economy and it’s tax paying citizens. As we tax payers go about our lives working hard to support our families – our government is scheming ways to further take over our lives and take away our freedoms. This current administration that is filled with Democrats and left over Socialists from the Clinton administration who are intent on bringing this country under their control and straight towards Marxism and Socialism.

    The government is now beginning to talk openly – about the “nationalization” of our different industries and the “unionization” of all our industries. Does this strike you as crazy? Or are you to just sit back and let this occur? It is like there is a separate society that thinks completely different than the tax payers – and this elitist society consists of our government officials and their corrupt view of how to fix the economy – that they ruined in the first place.

    Our corrupt Socialist and Marxist government now wants to nationalize the banking system, education – which has already been nationalized, the auto industry, the health care industry, and to top it off they are now capping the amount of money a CEO can make – if the company has been partially nationalized. Do you want the government to tell you how much you can make? Is this the old Soviet Union?

    Do you want one set of rules for government officials and one set of rules for tax payers, like the old Soviet Union? Do you want there to be separate lanes on the highways only for government officials – like in the old Soviet Union? Do you want separate stores that sell special goods – only for government officials – because they are so important – like in the old Soviet Union? This is where this country is heading – IF the people simply – don’t care.

    This my friends is just the beginning. If allowed to continue, the Obama administration will march this country and your freedoms right into the waiting arms of Socialism. The world powers are already calling for this – the coming together of all the world powers to form one government, one currency and one banking system. Is this what you want for your children? Is this how you envisioned the future for your child? If you want to do something about it – the time is NOW!

    Our government is already heading towards the nationalization of the media. GE is in the back pocket of the government. GE owns NBC – a popular national station promoting liberal causes, CNBC – one of the most watched stations for financial news and MSNBC – another station that heavily promotes liberal causes – rather than just reporting the “news”. This is the direction our government owned media is taking – a controlled media that puts out only government propaganda – to influence adult minds and “brainwash” the youth. Is this the America you remember?

    Our government will soon take over and own all of these industries – if the people of this country do not rise up and make their collective voices heard – and heard loud and clear! We must stand behind the Constitution and what it stands for – the freedoms, the liberties and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness. While we, the tax payers, are trying to go about our lives and pursue our prosperity – our government is planning on stealing everything you own and giving it to those who “don’t have”.

    All our government wants to do is give our tax money to the poor and those that just don’t “try”. It takes money from you, borrows more and spends that – our government is spending like a drunken sailor – but THEY HAVE NO MONEY! The bailouts are purely deficit spending – we don’t have the money! In fiscal year 2008 the government spent $418 Billion on interest alone! Compare that to NASA – $15 Billion, Education – $61 Billion and Transportation – $56 Billion! The future of America’s workers is being suffocated by the debt! Don’t you see this?

    Please America, rise up with me and voice your opinion about our march towards Socialism. Are you for this or against this? If you are for this then just sit back – it may happen . If you are against it – then remember the government works for the tax payer – not the other way around! We are the bosses – would you let your employee treat you this way? Talk to you this way? Push you around in this way? Of course not! Then we must right this ship and remind our elected officials that they work for us and WE the People – can boot them for office. Please sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution – make your voice heard today!

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    Lynn Hutchinson November 14, 2013

    If giving my email is going to send more conservative beggars and unwanted spam I will opt out immediately.

    Now, when is America going to realize that BOTH parties are just a bunch of scum always seeking re-election. Does anybody remember the Newt scam of the 90s on the” voters bill of rights”. The first thing they shot down was term limits. Oh, Newt acted like he was for it but that was BULL. Now watch how they try to murder the Tea Party for their efforts to get some reform and accountability in spending. ITS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS MONEY. I think the socialist train is way down the track but I would blow up the rails to slow down. The fraud in medicare alone would help repair the most of the health care. Too many people sucking on the government teets.
    Its really simple. Get a job or don’t eat. Oh, that’s right, we sent all the jobs overseas when they did that NAFTA CRAP. Welcome home soldier and good luck finding employment. Crime is going to soar after reality sets in.


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