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  • Impeach Obama NOW!

    by Founder on February 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    That’s right – before it gets to be too late. By definition, he is proving to be a Marxist. Just in the first two weeks of the Obama presidency – this man has already changed the face of America – yet I don’t think it’s the type of “change” people had in mind.

    free good night to die a movie download In just a few short weeks Obama has issued six Executive Orders, has made nice to Gitmo – providing Constitutional rights to enemy combatants who want to kill us, me and your children AND he has signed into effect (very quietly) his children’s Socialized Health Care Bill – adding four million kids to the government dole. Imagine four years with this man? You will not recognize this country in four years IF he is left in power.

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    Let’s look at his actions in a bit more detail. Buy American – this is a provision put into the “spending bill” that would require all construction projects like roads, bridges, tunnels etc to only use American made steel and iron. This makes sense – trying to build up American industry again – but Obama wants to squash this. Wouldn’t a president be for this wonderful idea? To build up American manufacturers again? You would think so – but not Obama.

    This man – supposedly being pro-labor, has just stabbed the labor unions in the back. Obama says he doesn’t want to send a “protectionist” attitude to the world – he feels that the massive pork bill he is proposing should also “benefit the world – not just America”! He says “but the world needs to recover – not just us – we must help the world”. He wants to protect Europe BEFORE he protects America! He says he doesn’t want the world to think that America is just “looking out for themselves”! He is not for America – he is for the world – the establishment of a world government. This man MUST be stopped for the sake of your children’s future or your children will grow up under Marxist rule.

    At the same time, and tied into this, Obama said yesterday to Russia – that he wants to reduce our nuclear arms stockpile by 80%! China is loving all of this. First we don’t allow our Steel and Iron industries to build back up again (needed for war) and second he wants to reduce our cache of nuclear weapons – while our enemies are buliding up their stock piles – an American nightmare – led by the Marxist Barack Obama – he must be impeached. China thinks short term and long term – Obama only thinks short term – this could lead to disatorous results in the future concerning our manufacturing base and our national security.

    Next, in his first two weeks Obama has also put YOU on the hook for 11 million kids – you are now paying for their gold plated health care – and the kicker? Obama removed the provision that you have to prove citizenship! That’s right – even if you don’t have kids – you are required to pay for the nation’s children’s health care – and no citizenship required! You and me are paying for the health care for ILLEGAL ALIEN’S CHILDREN! Where in the Constitution does it say I am required to pay for the health care of ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN!? This is insane. This is un-American – this is grounds for Impeachment. This is Amnesty for illegal aliens in the form of health care – silently slipped into law by the Marxist.

    Go into any emergency room in your city some time and just sit there for a few hours – as a tax payer you will be amazed – you will see families of illegal aliens in there for colds, sniffles – anything – and it all increases your health bill – are you happy about this or are you fed up?

    Your children and generations to come will be paying 60%-80% in taxes to pay for all of this – is this OK with you? Fifty three million people voted for Obama – but they were really voting against George Bush and John McCain – not FOR Obama and for Communism!

    This new socialized health care program for children will cost an EXTRA $32 Billion – on top of the health care costs already associated with the program. Who is going to pay for this? You, me and all future generations that’s who. This bill was vetoed twice by Bush – because of it’s cost – but Obama doesn’t care – he is not concerened with cost or how anything will be paid for – he is only thinking abnout how he can get re-elected for his second term.

    That’s right, Obama is already talking about his second term! This is insane – he wants to ensure he is in power for at least eight years! He only wants to get his spending bill through to STAY IN POWER – that’s the only reason – he doesn’t care about America, the Constittution and our history – he only cares about ruling the world and being a dictator – we MUST impeach this man now!

    Please America – stand with me and stop this insanity. If Obama is left to do whatever he wants to this country – we will all soon be under a Marxist dictatorship – you think I’m joking or wrong? Just wait a bit and you will see. But I am not waiting! I am trying to make my voice heard and join all the others who can see what is really happening here. Get bumper stickers and put them on your car – Impeach Obama NOW!

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    Nate October 4, 2011

    Impeachment is only a small part of the problem as there are so many who have the same agenda. The entire democratic and liberal party and those who support it are destroying America. There are some very popular people who have publicly said that we must reduce the population. They didn’t mean slow down procreation, then meant euthansia. They will bankrupt America and our childrens childrens children and allow social security to fail and multi millions will be homeless, no medical, and no food. The plan for the new healthcare system will take a person months to get a number to set a broken leg, which will cause death. children will die, most older people will die. We are very close to a totsl shutdown of this nation where it has been said cannibalism will soon be a norm for the strong to survive. This is messed up, and a deliberate destruction of America. And there is no one in government who can stop it. No matter what you do on this site, america is to die for givernment hates the Amnerican people, as it is obvious. All jobs overseas, no way to even grow a garden in the cities and the rural towns are long gone. There are no answers.. You and I can bicker and make everyone aware, but it will do no good.. america is over.., Face up to it. Prepare to starve or die from exposure or the foreign military coming here to shoot starving citizens. We have seen it before in other nations, is happening now, and it is America’s turn to suffer. Thank everyone who voted for Obamaa.. But he could do better, but he won’t, for he has no heart, no conciense, and doesn’t even realize he is destroying his own childrens future as well. I could go on and on all day. And it is all fact when you use records, historical reference, and plain common sense. I could do better than this adminisstration, but the problem is that higher powers don’t want better for America, they want it to die, for most nations hate and always have hated America, and will never stop it’s destruction until it is destroyed.


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