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  • Democratic Socialist Gangsters

    by Founder on February 6, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    We seem to now have a government that represents – not the people – but themselves. Within the past week, We the People of the United States have been flooding the phone lines at the Capitol yet it appears that our pleas of common sense are falling on deaf ears. Our government is about to pass a spending bill that will benefit only the government, the poor, those not working, those that have an “in” and Barack Obama – as he desperately tries to set up his future “inauguration” into his second term.

    The crooks, gangsters and thieves spread throughout this country are nothing compared to the gangsters who are running our government. These people are attempting to push through a trillion dollar spending bill – while they have no idea where the money is going nor whom will ultimately benefit from these billions. If you voted for Obama – is this what you voted for? Do you realize that your freedoms are slowly being taken away?

    During the presidential campaign the Democrats said and did anything to win the election. It didn’t matter if it was truth or not – if it was to help them get their man elected – they said it. They promised change and hope – but now you can see what kind of change we are going to get and as far as hope? Well, future generations certainly have little hope – as they will be paying 60%-80% in taxes to pay for these programs and their freedoms will be severely limited. Is this the America you want to leave for the next generations?

    Now that this group of Democratic Socialist gangsters are in office and controlling Congress – they have no interest in listening to opposing points of view – nor to what We the People have to say (you and me) – but they forget that We the People are the bosses – not them – time will heal this wrong.

    Right now there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of “checks and balances” regarding the overwhelming Democratic power in government and you can see what is happening because of this. They are going to attempt to pass every spending bill they have ever wanted – because with checks and balances they weren’t able to get these selfish, socialist programs through – but now that they control Congress they are free to do what they want – unless We the People rise up and make our voices heard.

    This spending bill consists of all the programs they have been trying to get through (and couldn’t) for twelve years! This is why it is 700 pages of nothing but pork and waste. If they pass this bill – granting amnesty to illegal aliens will be next – mark my word. Then, if that happens – you can forget America as you remember it. The socialist, fascist gangsters will have won at that point and it will take a massive revolution by the people to overturn what has been done. But we are Americans – we the taxpayers can do it – we are the boss!

    Pelosi, Dodd, Reid, Frank, Obama – these and many more are the political gangsters who are trying to take over this country and throw the old America away! Are we going to allow this? Can you believe that only 17% of this spending bill – this “Stimulus Bill” – will be spent in year one and more than that will be spent in the fourth year! The economy needs help right now – but not this kind of help – this is NO help!This is gas on a fire.

    The American people are dead set against this bill – so what do the gangsters do? They take $100 Billion off the spending bill like they are big shots and then come back and say “See? We changed it for you … now approve it”! They took off $100 Billion. They would have gladly kept that waste in there if no one spoke up – these are the type of crooks they are – sneaky and deceptive – no one you could trust. These politicians might as well have put a gun to every taxpayers head and said – “Give me your money and your kids money – now!” This is the type of gangster politicians who are now running the government AND our future.

    Please use this forum and others to make your voice heard. Don’t sit back and let these idiots just steal your money, my money, America’s money. The government has NO MONEY – yet they want to spend one trillion dollars! If YOU are having a debt and budget problem – do you rush out to spend more money than you have ever spent before? This is ludicrous! We must stop this greedy insanity! Join today and be counted as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

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