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  • What Place Does God Have in Washington Anymore?

    by Founder on February 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As corruption and greed infiltrates the psyches of our elected officials, one needs to wonder – what happened to principles, to character, to honesty and to humbleness? Where is the spirituality and goodness that Christianity promotes? Our elected officials no longer fear God nor do they seem to abide by his teachings – rather our current public leaders are aimlessly flailing about with no direction, no guide and no morals. What are we as tax paying citizens to do with these “empty” leaders?

    Right now our government worships power, Wall Street and the banks are worshiping money and our nations kids are worshiping fame, TV and celebrities – everything but God – everything but being humble and spiritual. The great leaders of our nation’s past all worshiped and prayed to God – does Obama? Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln all revered God and Lincoln spoke of God on fourteen different occasions during his inauguration speech. Plus FDR led the nation in six and a half minutes of prayer during those troubled times – would this happen today by these lifeless immoral leaders we currently have? The answer is “No” because they promote atheism and actively try to take God out of the American way of life.

    All the founding fathers believed in and worshiped God. They knew that if this nation loses it’s focus on God, what God wanted and his teachings then democracy as set up – will fail – look at what’s happening right now. Our democracy is clearly failing, there is very little in the way of “checks and balances” within our government right now and this administration is marching us all right towards Socialism – an atheist, Godless Socialism. After all, it is no coincidence that Obama was the first President to ever be sworn in WITHOUT a bible – what’s that tell you?

    The Washington Monument is a tribute to Washington and what occurred. George Washington did not want a statue of himself erected – rather a faceless monument – a monument that stands for something. The tip of the Washington Monument is the tallest point in Washington DC. On the east side of the monument at the top is written “Glory to God” – so that when the sun rises in the east this is the first thing in Washington the sun hits – but has this lost its symbolism? Unfortunately, with our moral less, empty politicians of today – it has. Is the current administration going to go up there and remove these words too?

    Therefore, it is not up to the politicians to save America from Socialism and Fascism (they are gladly leading us there) – rather it is the people – We the People – the people must save this country – you and me. Our current politicians are trying to chase God out of government – look at the signs – trying to ban the use of the word “prayer” and taking references to God out of our currency, federal buildings and schools. This is just the beginning.

    Our politicians are trying to raise a generation of empty, atheistic children (who will be dependent on the government) – and our government is doing everything they can to brainwash young children as they sit in their classrooms – is this the type of education system you want for your children?

    Remember that our “inalienable rights” – come from God – if our government takes God out of the equation – then who are we getting our rights from? The government? This vacuum is then filled by a totalitarian state that will tell you what to think, say and do. Is this what you want for your children?

    The Declaration of Independence said that our rights were endowed by the “creator” – do the politicians of today know more than our founding fathers – that there is NO creator? Unfortunately, the truth is that our politicians are void of spirituality, principles and morals – a very sad lot indeed. We must act to get these people out of power and God back into the government. God is still in the hearts and minds of 90% of America – it just seems to be missing because of the lack of morality in our media and our government.

    What does America stand for anymore? Other than greed, corruption, lack of morals, crime and deceit – what does America stand for anymore? Do you trust Obama? Do you trust ANYONE in government? We need our founding fathers back. We need men and women of character and principle to run our government.

    As I write this – our elected officials in Congress are about to pass a massive spending bill that is all WASTE and CORRUPTION – a spending bill that America may NEVER recover from. The children of our nation will be enslaved to the government to pay this debt back. The entire spending bill is DEBT! There is nothing else left to say other than to admit that – our elected officials are flat out idiots.

    air buddies dvd The one bright spot to all of this is what my father has been telling me. That maybe the best thing that can happen is to actually let the Democrats be in total power, like they now are – just to once and for all prove that they have no idea what they are doing, that they have no direction and no plan and that that their principles and actions are all corrupt, deceitful and guided by greed. When vote time comes in 2010 many of these idiotic Senators will be OUT – and in four years – if we can hold our Republic together – Obama will be a thing (mistake) of the past.

    Pray for our country. Pray for our nation’s children. Pray for the future of our Republic. Make your voice heard as an American for the Constitution – as an American for God – as an American for what is right. Help us stamp out corruption, deceit and greed within our government. Let us all rise up in large numbers and make our presence known – we must stop these robbers, thieves and crooks from taking our country from us. Make your voice heard today!

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