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  • What are We as Tax Paying Americans To Do?

    by Founder on February 10, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Well, it looks like this massive spending bill has been disgustingly passed through the Senate and you know, I am not even sure what to write about at this point – I am in such a state of shock. I don’t know where to turn – every where I turn there is talk of the “stimulus bill” – everyone seems to be against it – everyone I hear seems to be questioning it – everyone well, but the government. These Socialistic gangsters and thieves are in the process right now of shoving this bill right down the throats of every tax paying citizen in this country – even though any one and every one with common sense is dead against it.

    watch matrix the in divx Who is for this bill? Those who will most benefit from this bill. Those who are actively seeking the government to take care of them. Those who are illegal immigrants, those people who don’t want to work, those who are unemployed and homeless - all of these people are hearing Obama say that “the government” will pay for everything – the “government” will come to their rescue. Obama thinks the government is the answer to America’s financial problems.

    Ladies and gentlemen tax payers of this great country – we are now entering very dangerous territory. Just in the first three weeks of his presidency, Obama has drastically changed the direction of America – I even feel uncomfortable calling this country “America” anymore – after Obama has already begun to leave his mark.

    I am disgusted with the actions of our government and even more frustrated by the actions and demeanor of Obama – as he smiles his way to Socialism and locks all future generations into working for the government – the thought makes me sick.

    I think it is time for an American tax payer revolution. Please – to all the radio talk show hosts who have millions of listeners – please demand that your audience assemble in Washington and count me in! We shall assemble in the back yard of Obama and Congress – millions of us – the millions who support this country through our taxes – we do not look to the government for help – we do not rely on the government to take care of us – we are the producers – the government is not – just read “Atlas Shrugged” to find out what really should be done by the people.

    I implore you! Please ask your audiences to assemble in Washington to demand a stop to this madness and let’s take back our democratic, free, capitalistic America! We must make our voices heard and acted upon!

    What do you think of now when you say the word “America”? Do you think of what is happening right now – or do you think of …… “America”? Our America – the home of the brave and free? What is happening here? Wake up everyone! We are the bosses – not Obama! Not them! Why does everyone just sit around and complain about this bill? What good is this talk doing? What good is it to call our Congressman? What good is it to voice our opinion - When they will not listen.

    We now have NO representation! Obama doesn’t even want to listen to the Republicans in Congress – and they are right in front of him. He certainly doesn’t want to listen to us “little people”. We must revolt and storm Washington to make our presence known – we must remind Washington that We the People are here - We the Taxpayer are in charge – we must remind these thieves of this fact and now! Â

    Obama campaigned with the thoughts of “Hope” and “Change” – without any details given – well, now we have the details. If he had talked of these details before he was elected – he would not be president. Obama is no longer talking of hope – he is now talking of doom and gloom – all to scare everyone in to “joining the government” – to do what is for “the good of the people” – all very scary Socialistic talk.

    Obama must be stopped. This man is spending a trillion dollars we do not have – he is borrowing it all and sending the bill to you, me and many future generations. Is there any thing we can do as tax payers?

    Please join me as I rally against our government’s Marxist, Socialistic and Fascist actions and talk. If We the People allow this to continue you will not recognise this country in ONE year! Not four years – one year! The middle class will soon vanish as there will be the filthy rich and the very poor – with the masses heavily dependent on the government. Inflation will soar as businesses close and office buildings become vacant throughout the country. This is where Obama is leading us. Is this what you want? Is this what you are going to allow? Where oh where are the founding fathers – when we need you most? Please make your voice heard today.

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