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  • When Did You Flip Your Lid?

    by Founder on February 13, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    This is what my friend asked me the other day – “Hey Ken, when did you flip your lid?” He was referring of course to my somewhat obsession concerning what is going on with our government these days. And my simple and immediate answer to him was “October 2008″ – that’s when I ‘flipped my lid’. It was then that our elected officials began to discuss and pass the first “bail out”. It was also then that I could see that our government had lost all common sense and that they were selling out the American tax payer.

    George Bush is clearly the one to blame for this first monstrosity as he seemed to have let go of any conservative philosophy he may have held and opened the Treasury up for further fraud. It was under his watch that Fannie and Freddie were allowed to flourish under very corrupt leadership – and all of this overseen by the criminal and Congress clown Barney Frank. So the previous administration has their share to blame – BUT this radical Socialistic Obama administration has taken corruption to a new level.

    Now that ObamaƂ is President and Congress knows that he will allow and approve of anything they want to do – they are pushing through – in this spending bill – every program they have ever wanted to pass for the last 12 years – but couldn’t get through! Was this where you “flipped your lid?”

    Congress then put together the 1000+ page version of the bill that was stuffed with everything they could get into it in the last few hours (including hand written in last minute items) – and they said “OK, here’s the bill, now pass it.” Even though NO ONE IN CONGRESS READ THE BILL – Was this where you “flipped your lid?”

    Or was it where Obama appointed Timothy Geithner – a proven tax cheat – to head the IRS? Or was it when Geithner – who was the only man in America for the job according to Congress and our President – came out with his new bank plan – yet it had NO DETAILS – proving further that he doesn’t know what he is doing and appears to be in way over his head – was it then that you “flipped your lid?”

    Do you work hard for your money? Are you trying to do the best you can for yourself and your family? Do you have some semblance of an idea that if you work hard and smart you can better your situation? Isn’t that what America is all about? Shouldn’t we all have that chance? Well, your Congress and mine just shoved a trillion dollar bill of waste right down your throat – and you are going to pay for it – along with your kids and many future generations – who themselves will not benefit in any way from this money and from this disgusting form of corruption. Was this when you “flipped your lid?”

    Take your pick – there have already been a myriad of different occasions in the last 5 months when any sane man or woman with common sense – and who pays taxes – would have “flipped their lid.” You are not alone and you are right to do so. The point is – that you care. You are not just sitting back and letting the government do what they are doing with out at least – a fight – without at least voicing your opinion. A fight and a voice that will take our elected corrupt officials down to the wire to defend our Constitution and our freedoms.

    You will see that in the next one year it will be the Constitution that becomes the most important weapon the people will have. As soon as states begin to want to secede from the Union because of our out of control government – it will be the Constitution that will be the focus of the entire country – mark my words. This will happen.

    Please join me as I voice my opinion against what our government is doing to our democracy – to our country. Stand tall with me – and “flip your lid” over how our government is trying to control every aspect of our lives. “Flip your lid” over how we are going down the road to Marxism, Fascism and Socialism all rolled into one – all in an attempt to be disguised as Capitalism and a love for America – by the radically liberal Obama administration. Please tax payers – Make your voice heard today.

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