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  • The New Deal Part II

    by Founder on February 19, 2009

    in Voice of the People


    When did it all begin that the government decided to take over all aspects of life? When did it begin that the government was to be the savior for those who were in need? Is this what the founding fathers had in mind?  I don’t think so. This massive spending plan that was just passed by Congress represents the culmination of all that the Democratic party has worked for – for over the last 70 years.

    It was the original New Deal instituted between 1933 and 1938 by FDR that launched this “Liberal Revolution.” Offering the idea that it was the government’s responsibility and duty to “take care” of all citizens, to be sure that there is no “extreme” hardship. And this represented a significant shift in American policy with its increased government control over the economy and the money supply. This was the beginning of hundreds of complex social programs and a wider acceptance of labor unions. And so the liberal revolution began.

    Just as when Roosevelt entered office – when all the people were hungry for change and backed all that he said – so it is with Obama – as he is in the same position – and he is doing the SAME THINGS – which will, unfortunately, get the same results!

    During Roosevelt’s first 100 days Congress granted him everything he asked for! FDR hurled blame on the businessmen and the bankers – sound familiar? Then of course Roosevelt ended the gold standard and thus started the collapse of the dollar as we know it. And here we are today. With a new breed of liberals who want to put this Socialism into overdrive and really solidify their power in Washington.

    The New Deal didn’t work and the new “Stimulus Plan” by Obama will also unfortunately, not work. He is trying to create a European style Socialist state while also attacking the family and Christianity as being out of the norm and corrupting. Think of what has occurred since October 0f 2008, a short 5 months ago – partially under the watch of Bush and pushed forward in a big way by Obama. Let’s look at it:

    1. The government has furthered their influence and control over the media. GE which owns NBC, MSNBC and the #1 Financial station CNBC is in the back pocket of the government and is heavily dependent on the government – which is evident by the extreme liberal bias of each of those stations. Obama used these stations to be 24/7 campaign tools that brainwashed the mindless into believing in “hope” and “change.”
    2. The government furthered their controls over education and the universities with their funding as evidenced through the schools increasingly obvious liberal teachings, bias and agendas.
    3. Political correctness has saturated the Arts and politics – allowing them to both be void of principles or morals.
    4. The government wants to control everything that has to do with the economy. They are in the process of nationalizing the banks, the auto industry, the insurance industry, health care, and literally all sectors of society which will soon be run by the government if we don’t stand up for the Constitution and fight this off.
    5. The government is controlling all that has to do with the preservation or lack there of concerning our American culture – what little there is left of it.
    6. And both Houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats – one party – no checks and balances – no oversight.

    That is a lot for our elected officials to achieve in a short period of time – although the education system, the media and our true American culture have been deteriorating for years. This path our elected officials are leading us down is surely the road to ruin. It has been proven throughout time that this path will not work and will end in violence.

    The New Deal didn’t work and neither will this plan – it is a waste of time, money and financial opportunities of future generations. The next four years will turn out to be the ruins of the Democratic party for a long long time. It will prove once and for all – until everyone forgets again – that the Democrats are simply wrong about how to grow a country.

    I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss the freshness of his words and the real hope in his message – unlike the empty, controlled hope that Obama offers. When I think of Reagan I think of freedom, limited government, low taxes and financial opportunities – I am definitely not reminded of these things with our current leaders – rather the opposite. Mr. Reagan where ever you are now, rest assured we are doing all we can to continue on your voice. Ronald Reagan knew what the Constitution meant and he knew it was his duty to uphold it.

    Please rise with me and make your voice heard against this form of government that Obama wants to bring to America. Please stand with me in support of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please stand strong with me against collectivism and Socialism. Stand for capitalism and the free markets. Let companies fails where the market dictates and let knew ones take their place that can be profitable. Let Capitalism guide America through this storm – not the strong misguided hand of government. Make your voice heard today.

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