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  • Who Will Pay the Price for our Government’s New Socialism

    by Founder on February 22, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    You are probably aware by now that Obama’s new spending plan is entirely – deficit spending. Does everyone understand what this means? It means that the United States government is broke – they have no money – yet they want to spend one trillion dollars more! Does this make sense to anyone – that they want to spend all this money when they have to BORROW it? Where is the common sense? Why not let fail what is going to fail and let the economy re-set? This is the inevitable ending to this story no matter how long Obama wants to put it off.

    I get a kick out of all these people who vehemently support and protect Obama and his policies – they act as if his decisions will not effect them – only other people. They act as if they are immune to the coming Socialism and the devastating effect it will have on our country.

    What does it mean when they say that they “want Obama to succeed?” Does that mean that his supporters just want him to “personally” succeed at passing through all of his programs? This is the sense I get. His supporters seem to be only focused on this man and his own “personal” success RATHER than focusing on the outcome and ramifications of his decisions.

    I don’t know if anyone out there has seen the movie “Idiocracy” – but even though it is a comedy – and very funny at that – watching it now can be a little scary – as it shows the gradual “dumbing down” of the American people – and this is EXACTLY what is happening today. Under Obama’s vision of how our great country should be – We the People are a bunch of mindless robotons going about our lives with no ambition or desire to better ourselves – is this how YOU see America? When they said “We are all created equal” that was referring to our CREATION – not the end result!

    Our education system is failing, our media is for the most part government biased, our industries and institutions are slowly being nationalized, the stock market and business values are tanking and soon Americans will be at the mercy of big government to receive their health care. You know what this adds up too? This adds up to GOVERNMENT CONTROL!

    As the years progress – and with this administration in power – they will soon have more people dependent on them, than there are actual tax payers – this is when a Venezuela type situation will exist – let’s face it, Obama wants to be Dictator – not only of America – but of the world. He wants to insure that any and every program he wants to pass – shall pass – the masses will be “on his side.”

    So who is going to pay for all of this? First of all who will not “financially” pay for it? The government and our elected leaders. Any top official in Congress and the White House is on easy street. Most of them have never worked a private sector job in their lives – and now will never have to. These people live the lavish life of security, homes, chauffeurs, restaurants, glitter, glamor and all the excesses that go with this elite lifestyle. So it is clear that these people – unless brought before a “people’s tribunal” will NEVER be brought to justice and will live out their lives very comfortably – all at the expense of the American tax payer – you and me.

    Now let’s look at who WILL pay for it. We the People will pay for it. We the tax payers will pay for it by losing many of our freedoms and by being taxed literally to death – you will be taxed heavily – until you die – then they will tax whatever you have left over. He will tax the rich more – the people who own business and who worked hard for their money – he will take their money and give it to his supporters.

    Everything Obama does he claims to do for the “good of the People” – this is right out of Atlas Shrugged – and we all know how that society ended up. Future generations will pay heavily for this excess. Future generations will be burdened with the massive debt that America simply can’t pay. Obama is putting chains and shackles on future generations – and they are not even here to object!

    When future generations look back at this time they will look at it with ridicule and disgust. They will see a country that lived WAY beyond its means by creating the value of their homes and their currency out of thin air . They will see a time when every American had to have a cell phone and computer. They will see a time when America had so over indulged them selves with STUFF – all by spending money they never had – and that it was all built on a house of cards because as soon as they took away the Gold standard – there was then NOTHING to give value to – anything. Future generations will look at our currency like we today look at confederate money – worthless. I am sorry that our government of today is damaging the lives of the generations of tomorrow – and pray each night this could be different.

    “Please forgive them, for they know not what they do” – does this infamous statement apply here? Is it just that these people in government right now truly think that what they are doing is right? Or is it just the end result clearly showing that our elected officials and our government has gone Godless. Is our government so void or spirit, principles and morality – that they now just don’t care?

    It appears – unless there is an uprising by tax payers – that we are going to have to take this for 2-4 years minimum. The Democrats have taken control of both Houses and the White House – so there is NO CHECKS and BALANCES right now – something our founding fathers desperately tried to avoid.

    In two years – we can oust some Democrats from the Senate and in four years we MUST stand tall and elect into the White House someone of principles, character, honesty and someone who holds the belief that it is our Constitution that guides this great free society and that Capitalism IS America – that we must NEVER veer off towards Socialism, Fascism or Communism – the very things we tried to abolish as our brave soldiers fought and died for freedom in World War II.

    Mr Obama – are we just to forget these men and women who died to protect America from – what you want? Are you just throwing away all those live who fought and died just so YOU can be where you are today? By steering this country into Socialism you should hang your head low and know that the American people are NOT for what you want.

    The Democrats have “shown their hand” by taking total power of government and now will once and for all – show the American people that they have no idea of what they are doing. Please stand with me and make your voice heard – rattle their cages with your voice – we are paying for the deficit – let’s get our moneys worth – stand tall and make your voice heard today!

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