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  • The State of the Union

    by Founder on February 26, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today I have realized that I am beginning to develop a “distaste” for America and American politics. It is hard for me to believe that I am even living in America any more. And you know, I think it all started back when the first bail out was announced. My entire perception of America changed on that day. That day robbed me of my vision of what America was. That day stripped my mind of the ability to dream – to imagine my financial dreams – because I knew that at that point Socialism had crept into our society – and that the door had been opened to a massive CHANGE in direction for America.

    The most recent move – and the first show of power by Timothy Geithner – is a very arrogant grab at power. This dates back to when the market of Capitalism allowed Lehman Bros. to fail and the effect it had on the economy. The government and those in power panicked – and when AIG was about to follow the same path of Lehman – they wouldn’t “allow” it – they Socialized AIG and so began the “mindset” of Socialism and Fascism that has infested our government today.

    This administration wants the power to seize companies that it feels are “too big” – and that whose failure would “jeopardize the economy” as a whole. Think about that for a moment. This is another end around of the Constitution and an attempt by a radical, Communist government to obtain the ability to “Seize Your Company”! You may say that they are just targeting “certain” companies right now – BUT if you give the government this open door to “seize” companies? Well – just give it up – because they will soon be coming after you and YOUR company.

    In essence, the features of this initial bill are somewhat acceptable – and appeasing to the taxpayer – going after some of those who acted in an improper way (while arrogantly NOT looking at themselves s the problem) -Â but that is how it is designed – the real intent of this bill is to simply “open the door” to the “seizure” of companies – and then you simply have to walk through the “Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass” to the land of Socialism, Fascism and Communism – all in one!

    I have a different view of our government now than I did when I was growing up. I really didn’t think about them when I was growing up because I was too busy developing my life and building my dreams for the future and living out my financial dreams in my mind as I pursued them each and every day. But something has now changed. I feel bad for the young ones growing up today with this barrage of negativity from the government and the media. It must be so confusing to a young person trying to find their way through life,

    Because of the apparent Dictatorship that is developing – with Obama at the helm and no checks and balances in Congress -Â it is beginning to become clear that the average taxpayer has little to do. We may form together in numbers and march on Washington and participate in Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project – but this shall all take time – and unfortunately time is NOT on our side. This administration is passing bills through this Congress at a lightning pace – and I can assure you that given a 1-2 year period of “no turning back” – “no checks and balances” Congress – this great country will be changed forever. For the worse!

    But there will come a day when sanity and prosperity come back into play – it’s just that, if this administration is not IMMEDIATELY stopped – America will have a scar. America CAN be fixed and WILL recuperate – but there will be a scar. This administration is so drastically changing the rules and regulations that it will take a massive REVERSAL of Obama’s administration to set our country back on track – to prosperity. A massive reversal of all the wasteful spending bills that have not yet been put in to effect at that point.

    As the government tightens their noose around the taxpayers and even more so around business and the “producers” of society – these people – the producers will retract from society and stop participating – stop producing – let us see if the “government” can produce. The country’s thinkers, creators and producers will no longer do this for America – and America will wither away into a third rate country with only a lonely memory of what once was.

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    We as American taxpayers MUST ACT NOW! We must band together and join as one voice to stop the insanity that is the “Print and Spend” Obama administration – Is he purposely destroying the American economy to FORCE a world economy and to be the leader of THAT? Is this what is happening? What other sane explanation can be given for these disastrous, Socialistic economic decisions and policies? Where is my America? Get this administration OUT of office – NOW! Or this country and those who understand its history are in trouble.

    Please make your voice heard today and sign in as an American for the Constitution.

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