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  • I Smell a Revolution Coming

    by Founder on February 27, 2009

    in Government

    download dawn of the dead dvd What a wonderful speech by Obama the other night. He said such great things – he promised fabulous results and announced all kinds of goodies for everyone – just like he was Santa Clause. What I want to do here is to lay out just what has happened since this man has taken office – and you can decide if you smell some action on the horizon. What he says and what he does are very different – scary different.

    I am just sensing that Obama and this radical Democratic administration is going to push the tax payer just one step too far – and the result will be a backlash by the American tax payer that will change the direction of America – for the good – and get us back on the track to prosperity, principles, Capitalism and true American values. But be prepared for what you are about to read – it isn’t pretty.

    Since Obama has taken office:

    • Wall Street has tanked. The market is sending the message that they DO NOT like Obama’s policies.
    • Obama has taken the Census out of the Commerce Dept. and placed it in the control of the White House – himself. This will set the stage for the manipulation of the Census for the purposes of more tax payer money giveaways to the poor.
    • He has made six Executive Orders since being in office – five of them the first week and one included the closing of Gitmo – with the releasing of dangerous, murdering terrorists back into society.
    • Obama gave his first TV interview as President to Arab TV.
    • There was an irresponsible $100 Million inauguration party and celebration at a time when many Americans cannot pay their mortgages – all because of the severe government corruption that caused the mortgage meltdown. Yet according to Obama the tax payers must pay for this.
    • Our elected officials have sunk us deeper into Socialism by Nationalizing the banking system – beginning officially today with Citi Bank.
    • The initial $350 Billion in bail out money that went to banks was wasted and unaccounted for – a complete waste at the expense of the tax payer. As the banks laugh at the tax payer – yet Obama wants to give them more.
    • Obama rushed through a Trillion Dollar spending bill filled with corruption and waste – right in the faces of the tax payers who said “NO” to the bill – and to top it off – none of the Congressmen and women read the bill before they voted for it! Completely insane and arrogant!
    • The government then passed another $500 Billion bill to “support” themselves through these tough times – to prevent layoffs – in other words they don’t want the govt. to get any smaller – only bigger!
    • Obama released his $3.5 Trillion budget for 2010 – promising to save $2 Trillion – but turns out this is simply ONE TRILLION more in taxes AND his assumptions include that the economy will grow over 5% a year beginning in 2010! Is he in dreamland? Not with these policies is he going to grow the economy. His projections are false, deceptive and misleading – just how everything he does appears to be. His sole purpose is to make YOU dependent on the government (him).
    • Our elected leaders are bailing out the failing Auto Industry – even though they are poor business models and are losing billions.
    • Our elected leaders have bailed out their buddies on Wall Street – a great going away present to the tax payers from Henry Paulson.
    • Our elected leaders have bailed out the unions and their pensions – because who ever helped Obama get elected – these are the major recipients of his massive tax dollar give away.
    • Obama has set up new and costly “social programs” to redistribute more money to the poor – from those that have money.
    • He is in the process of Nationalizing health care and will soon have YOUR health records in his government database – feeling uneasy yet? He has “earmarked” $695 Billion over ten years for this project (who is paying for this?)
    • Obama has just asked for and received $750 Billion more for the banks. As the banks fail – the government just keeps giving them more and more money – the tax dollars of children not even born yet.
    • The Constitution has been manipulated at every turn – for instance Washington DC will now get a House vote in Congress – this is un-constitutional – yet because there are now no checks and balances – this will pass through – as will any other legislation they want.
    • Obama has appointed several tax cheats to important Cabinet positions – most notably – the head of the IRS is a tax cheat – Timothy Geithner – but this does not seem to bother Obama nor Congress as he and the others were welcomed with open arms.
    • After promising change and not appointing any lobbyists to his Cabinet – Obama breaks yet another campaign promise and appoints three well known powerful lobbyists – once again thinking that the tax payers are just stupid.
    • Obama pushed through his massive spending bill without making it available for public view beforehand – as he promised he would during his campaign. Another lie.
    • The stimulus package also included Billions and Billions to be sent to the states who are bankrupt – all from the same causes as our Federal government – overspending, corruption and a growing out of control government – yet they too get bailed out.
    • He will announce ONE TRILLION in new taxes and as we speak they are devising more ways to tax the hard working American to pay for their corruption, their excess and their giveaway programs to the poor.
    • And maybe most damaging of all, Obama has given the impression to the masses that in his bag of Communist tricks, he will have something for everyone. No one has to worry anymore about food, healthcare, energy, housing, their credit, their mortgage, their job – anything and everything because according to Obama – it is the government to the rescue! Robin Hood Obama will take the money away from the greedy Capitalists and redistribute it to the poor – are you ill yet?

    All this was done in less than 60 days and it all adds up to BIG GOVERNMENT, Socialism and Communism. Day by day our freedoms are being taken away from us. The ability to dream and prosper is being robbed from us – just like if the government had a gun to your head. They are manipulative and they are criminals. If We the People of the United States of America do not come together and STOP this insane madness – then this administration will send good, hard working tax payers right into the abyss of total government control.

    I smell a revolution coming. I do not know which form this will take or when it will happen. But if I know America – I think something will happen. How long can we allow these radical politicians to just run over the American dream? Do we really have to take four years of this? What will our country be like in four years if this is allowed to continue unabated?

    The American tax payer is sick of it. We demand change – but not the change you have in mind Obama. I believe this President will go down in history as the last of a breed – the last President to try these ridiculous monetary policies that have been tried many times before only to fail every time. Yet this time is the grand finale – after this debacle – it will be a long time before the Democrats control anything – they are now having their chance in the spotlight and are openly and obviously showing their ineptness and idiocy.

    Please make your voice heard today. Be a strong American. Help us stand tall for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Be counted as someone who will fight for what is right. Help me fight against Socialism and Communism. Help me keep America free from these binds. Be ready for a revolution of some kind. Please – make your voice heard TODAY! m

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