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  • Our Government’s Destruction of Wealth

    by Founder on March 2, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Obama’s solution IS the problem. The government’s excessive intervention into our lives is the entire problem right now. Obama is literally throwing gas on a fire with his ill-fated policies. Whoever voted for Obama – is this really what you had in mind? This man clearly has no idea what he is doing and is merely trying to spend his way out of this problem – just like a depressed person trying to cheer themselves up by going shopping.

    Our government is destroying the wealth of this great nation and Obama is at the helm. He is destroying the wealth of Americans through the stock market, 401K’s, the un-constitutional printing of money out of thin air (massive inflation is coming), the decline in home values due to government corruption and a massive debt-financed spending bill that produces nothing but government waste.

    Due to his increased spending and out of control pork budget – the American tax payer is on the hook for $4 Trillion in INTEREST over the next 10 years! That’s over $2.5 Billion a day that the tax payer must pay that will go towards NOTHING! It is not productive money – in fact it is the opposite – it is merely getting the Federal Reserve bankers rich – NOTHING ELSE IS HAPPENING – this is sickening – yet it continues each and every day right under the noses of the American people.

    And all through this, our leaders are not paying any attention to the Constitution. Yet they each swore to uphold the Constitution as part of their swearing in as an elected official. This fact and many other glaring problems show that our elected officials are just bumbling fools who somehow got elected and are a total embarrassment to the principles of this country, the founding fathers and what they stood for. This Obama era is going to go down in history as a time of blind corruption, out of control government spending and government growth.

    Because of our government’s spending policies – every dollar they spend – is $1 in taxes to you – remember that – because our government has no money. Our generation will NEVER pay off this massive debt that has been created in the last 3 months – created all because of government corruption and greed that has gotten so out of control – no one can keep track of anything anymore – there is no more accountability within our government anymore – they just hand out billions of dollars like it means nothing to them – and guess what? – to the people in office – it does mean nothing to them.

    Since Obama was elected, the stock market has gone down 20% or 3200 points – the money markets clearly do not like his policies – as they know his policies have nothing to do with Capitalism. The confidence of the American consumer has deteriorated because of his Socialist policies.

    There appears to be no end in sight to the lows this economy will reach under the leadership of this administration. But the scary part is that – this is what they want to happen – their lives will not change – once the economy collapses! Only the people’s lives will change – AND at that time the government will then be able to build upon the tremendous power they already have. If the economy tanks – Obama then thinks the people will run to the government for help – and vote him in again for his second term – the only thing he really cares about. That is the sickness of this situation.

    personal effects movie In my opinion a few things should and will happen: Obama should be immediately impeached. States will soon want no part of Obama’s policies – and want to secede – this WILL be an issue in the future – guaranteed. The radical, corrupt and greedy politicians in Congress should be voted out as soon as 2010 and replaced with common sense American advocates. Those ousted Senators and Representatives should then be sent to jail and stripped of the assets that they received illegally through payoffs and corruption.

    Our government seems to be doing everything they can do to destroy the wealth of this country. What are you going to do about it? Will you make your voice heard or will you let them steal your money and your freedoms? Which will it be? You have to make a quick decision – because THEY are acting quick. The American people are just sitting on their duffs watching our country become Socialized – with an attempt to turn the tax payers into robots – without ambition or desire – this, my friends, will not happen under my watch. Please rise up with me and Make Your Voice Heard Today! Protect America’s Wealth!

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