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  • Looks Like It’s Time To Just Hang On

    by Founder on March 3, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It was shocking to me to read the latest figures from the Auto industry. I never thought I would ever read that sales at GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Honda were all down 40% for the quarter – from year to year. Those are startling statistics, ones that make you sit back and think just how we all got here. Why aren’t people buying new cars anymore? The manufacturers have been offering zero money down, zero percent interest loans and even cash back – but still this does not move new car sales. What then is the problem?

    Everyone in America is experiencing the same things – falling home prices, shrinking retirement savings, a declining stock market – where is the consumer confidence supposed to come from? – everyone is afraid to spend their money. The American people went from having EVERYTHING – to having NOTHING literally overnight. Americans used to spend without thought and abandon knowing there was always more money to be had – now there is not this feeling – Americans are not sure what is around the corner – ESPECIALLY because we have a very radical administration running the government.

    thumbsucker divx movie online Obama’s policy of massive debt-financed spending is severely cutting into the consumer’s confidence. His other policy towards the re-distribution of wealth in America has further closed the wallets and pocketbooks of Americans even tighter. The appointment of tax cheats and corrupt individuals to positions of power further alienates the American taxpayer – and diminishes even more any consumer confidence that may have existed. This administration is the worst possible administration that could be in power right now – at a time when common sense and principles is what is sorely needed – both of which are glaringly lacking in Obama’s Cabinet and Congress.

    And then of course this whole problem would not have occurred had it not been for the politically correct politicians who wanted every person in America to own a home – even those with low income and bad credit – total insanity. These bad loans in the trillions exposed the financial markets here and throughout the world to a catastrophic house of cards that was all but ready to collapse – as soon as the mortgages caught up with the reality of who they were loaned to. This greed bubble was bound to collapse and those involved didn’t care – as long as they got theirs. Now look where we are.

    What does this all lead to? It leads to a country that has lived way beyond its means through credit. And now everyone in America – every household has lots of stuff, lots of things – in fact we all have just about everything we may ever need. Now with our government trying to take everything away and give it to the poor – it is just a matter of hanging on to what you have. It’s time to brace for a storm – and keep a tight hold on to what you have – work hard at what you believe in – save your hard earned money – hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    We have four years of this Socialist nightmare. We must educate ourselves and the American tax payer so we can all make an intelligent decision when it comes time to vote. We must educate those who think Obama is doing a good job – and teach then what he is REALLY doing to our country, our culture and our economy. We must stand tall and vote out as many Senators as we can in 2010. Then in 2012 we must vote Obama out and vote IN common sense. We must vote sanity back into our government and vote out the corruption, greed, Socialism and waste. Don’t hide your thoughts or muffle your displeasure – make your voice heard today!

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