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  • America is Now Divided in Two

    by Founder on March 15, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    If you believe in America and what it stands for – today was a wonderful day. Today was the day of thousands of “Tea Parties” across America – from California to Atlanta – and of course led by Texas – the Lone Star state – the first state that has officially stood up to the Federal government and said “Enough is Enough”! Obama will not tell Texas what to do and how to do it.

    Yet while all this is happening the White House and Congress seem oblivious to the Voices of the People. Today was a momentous day in the history of America and will stand as the day that the common taxpayer stood tall – in the face of big daddy government. This day marks the beginning of the end for those in power. This day marks the beginnings of the “re-birth” of America – the true America – the America that was founded based on the Constitution.

    The main stream media, for the most part, failed to cover these thousands of gatherings and continues their refusal to acknowledge common sense and logic. America is divided in two right now. On the one side you see all those who made their voices heard today – the hard working taxpayers – those who believe in individuality, free choice and entrepreneurial prosperity.

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    The other side is made up mostly of those who WANT the government to do things FOR THEM. These are the people who feel that the government has an OBLIGATION to take care of them. These are the people who pay no taxes yet also seek out the government to “provide” for their existence and daily needs. Sorry, this is NOT the American way. This is the great divide in America right now. I for one do NOT want the government involved in my life at all – I don’t need or want them to do things for me or to provide for me – let the people do 90% of what should be done – the Federal government – according to the Constitution – has its place. How do you feel?

    The White House has further alienated the people by their recent release of the Homeland Security report that warns police departments across America to be on the look out for “extremists” and “right wingers” who do not believe in a big Federal government but rather believe in the sovereignty of the states and local government. Huh? Can you believe these words – that were put out by the Federal government? This is blatantly trying to REVERSE the Tenth Amendment by allowing and demanding that the government grow and grow and grow. The economy is shrinking, right? Then WHY should the GOVERNMENT be growing and expanding? This is ridiculous and needs to IMMEDIATELY stop.

    Look at the people at these demonstrations today – these are REAL Americans – We the People are TOO BIG TO FAIL – and We the People are the ONLY ones too big to fail. Let these demonstrations grow and let the presence and voice of the people grow to a point where the people are once again an undeniable FORCE that shall rule the day. Individualism and capitalism shall rule the day because that IS America!

    If it must occur – then let “America” divide in two – GEOGRAPHICALLY – and let Texas start it all. The people that want to live off of big daddy government can live in one part and the real Americans can live in the other – with only one stipulation – leave us alone! Secession is not out of the question for Texas and FINALLY there is a state, an individual – a governor who is standing up to Obama’s bullying – someone who is speaking for ALL of America – the true America – the taxpayers.

    Right now there are two sides. One that wants Socialism, Fascism, big daddy government control, a new world order and global currency – and one side who believes inĂ‚ the Constitution, the founding fathers, freedom, individuality, small government and the values and principles that America was founded on.

    This day was a great START for all Americans for the Constitution – a great day that gives hope – this time, real hope – that the America I enjoyed while I grew up can be the same type of America that all generations can enjoy and prosper in. download se7en dvdrip

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me, thousands of others and millions across the country in re-taking our great country back from the radical Communist politicians that now are trying to destroy our country. Support Texas in their efforts to secede and stand tall. Support Rick Perry the governor of Texas and support the flat tax – the only way to really even things out a bit and ensure that EVERYONE pitch in their fair share.

    God Bless America and the Constitution. God Bless the future or our children.

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