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  • Hugo Chavez and Obama – What’s The Difference?

    by Founder on March 17, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As you may have read over the weekend – Hugo Chavez just won the election and the vote to have term limits removed from the election process in Venezuela. This means that Chavez can be the leader of that country until he dies – he plans to now run the country until he is 95. He now controls all industry and has enough people on the government dole that these people outnumber those NOT on the dole – therefore he is set up to win any election he ever runs in – doe this scenario sound familiar? Obama is heading in the same direction – let’s take a look.

    Obama knows that to control a society – you must control the money. This is why the Obama administration is in the process of NATIONALIZING our banking system – to control the money. Every policy Obama proposes and passes is aimed at everyone BUT We the People – we the tax payers. Rather his policies are aimed at the poor, big business, the unions and the non tax payers – everyone but the people who are supporting this country through taxes.

    The Democrats tend to not believe in God and believe in “survival of the fittest” – that we are all here not because of a creator – but because we have evolved through time to be who we are. Well then, what about businesses? They DO NOT believe in survival of the fittest for businesses – this is proven by their attempts to control and manipulate who fails and who is not allowed to. The government has given $70 Billion to Citi Bank – today they are worth $50 Billion – the more money they lose the MORE the government will give them – completely selfish, idiotic and un-constitutional. The government cannot and will not EVER run a business that is efficient and profitable.

    Our education system is controlled by our government – which is why it is miserably failing. Our young people of today are being brainwashed into thinking that Socialism is a good thing – the best thing you can do with your kids these days is to pull them out of school and home school them – protect their minds – protect their future.

    Socialism doesn’t work and this has been proven time and time again throughout history – Socialism always ends in violence – this gives you an idea where America is headed – because the tax payers of this great country will not take what our government is doing to us without action – action by the people is in our future.

    With Socialism there will soon be no one who can run anything, dream anything or create anything – all the doers will be gone. it will be exactly as Atlas Shrugged predicts. When America runs out of money and the producers – who will then bail America out? Our country is the sugar daddy to the world – yet when this country fails – who will be our sugar daddy?

    Hugo Chavez loves Socialism- any dissent – the people are killed, arrested or shut down. Obama is following this same path – he has NATIONALIZED industry, banks, autos and oil. There is universal health care AND now banks who receive ANY money from the government cannot speak out against labor unions in any way – this is mandated by Obama. He has also stolen the Census from the Commerce Department and will manipulate it over the next few years to fit into his Socialism agenda to further get more and more people dependent on him for their lives. But as these things get worse – the people – We the People will rise up and say “No more!”

    The problem is determining which side people are on. There will soon be so many people on the government take and dependent on Obama for their lives that these millions will all vote for anything government wants – just like Chavez has set up Venezuela. This is how these dictators get their power – by making all people dependent on them – this is what the democrats and Obama want – we must not let this happen!

    How about this? If any states take money from the Obama spending plan – then any employed worker – if they are just part time – they can quit and get unemployment – even if they QUIT they can now get unemployment – thanks Obama – you Socialist pig! These are the exact things Chavez has done and it seems as if Obama is simply following this same game plan. When will the people rise up and surround the White House to demand Capitalism and common sense?

    Chavez feeds the poor, has hundreds of government construction projects going at any given time, has taken over all industry and has universal health care – sound familiar? Chavez used the government controlled media and tax payer money to finance his campaign – sound familiar? America will soon be Venezuela unless the people rise up and stop this insanity.

    Please join me in stopping Socialism and Communism from sweeping through this country. We must rise up against our corrupt and un-American elected officials as they actively try to deceive the tax payers and push through programs that move this country further into Socialism, Fascism and Communism. Please sign in and be counted as an American for he Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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