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  • Is it Really That Important to Watch Obama on TV?

    by Founder on March 24, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I know what the new government policies are. I am aware of how our elected officials plan on trying to make our economy recover. I am aware of all the tax cheats and criminals that we now have in government – so why would I want to watch them on TV? He will lie and say anything he has to – to get his Fascist and Communist policies passed.

    I know what he is going to say – NOTHING – but to the uneducated it will sound as if he is saying alot. He will say everything the people WANT to hear – while behind the scenes doing exactly what HE wants to do – to grow the government, to give money to pet projects and the poor, to spend more money we simply don’t have and to masterfully manipulate the people into thinking he is actually on their (your) side.

    This display by the Obama administration is aimed at the masses of society – the main stream media types. Those that live their lives on soundbites and half truths. Those who voted for Obama. This TV display tonight will be a “sales pitch” to the masses – in the same vein as when FDR told the masses that he would “take care of them” and that “everything will be OK”.

    Those that are most interested in what Obama has to say tonight are those who will be helped by him. The others of society – you know that 47 million who voted against an Obama regime – mostly the tax payers – those people – I am not sure whether they want to hear what this guy has to say – because, what’s the use? We know what he is doing. Our opinions are not guided by the media – they are guided by our minds and our common sense.

    During this speech tonight, Obama is going to use his big smile and his great oratorical style to convince the millions of his minions who are watching that what he is proposing is the “right” thing to do. He will tell all of America (that is listening) that what he is proposing is for the “good of the people”. The sad part is that the worse off the government’s actions make the economy, the more the people will be looking to the government for help and the more they will be willing to hear what Obama has to say.

    I don’t want to watch him on TV. For some reason it is especially painful for me – I care too much for this great country and what America stands for. To see all these elitist politicians thinking they are so special, cheering each other on – As a tax payer? – it is rather sickening. Then to watch Obama speak while the whole time you have Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi sitting right behind him – in full view? No thanks. Biden the life long politician and pathetic, liberal Nancy Pelosi who almost single handedly is destroying this great country on her own. If you can watch that – good luck to you.

    Then they pan the Congress floor and you see all of our elected officials including people like Charlie Rangel or Timothy Geithner – you would think this is a crowd of who’s who of corrupt politicians – and in reality that is exactly what it is.

    If the government was an actual company – that had to be held accountable for its actions – these people would all be fired and many of them would be in jail for their arrogant corruption . The company would be bankrupt and in the real world – the company would fail and something better would take its place – but unfortunately Washington is not the real world – they seem to be immune to the economy, tax laws and their oath to uphold the Constitution.

    No, I for one have no interest in giving this great salesman the opportunity to “sell” me on his ideas. I am my own man with my own mind. I know what Obama is doing is wrong and very devastating to this country’s future – I don’t need him to try and convince me its’ not.

    You will hear the Congress members cheer incessantly for what Obama says – but what are they really cheering for? Are they cheering for Obama’s individual power and success or are they cheering because they honestly believe that Socialism is right for this country? I don’t think they know what they “honestly” believe – they can’t even be honest with themselves.

    I cannot watch these smug politicians cheer for each other as the country struggles and the economy declines solely because of these very people who are celebrating themselves! They are arrogant and blind! The best thing that could happen to this country is to wait until they are all in Congress just as they are right now – and LOCK THE DOORS! – DON’T LET THEM OUT! We will take over from here! You have all screwed up big time! Party’s over! Time for COMMON SENSE to take over.

    They are completely screwing everything up and are proud of themselves while they are doing it. I want my America back! I want the founding father’s America back! I want honesty and integrity brought back into our government! I want government size and spending cut in half immediately! – Yet there they are on TV – clapping for each other – cheering on each other and the coming Socialism.

    In reality, the Congress and the President are cheering the fact that they now have tremendous power. The power over the banks and the money. There is now NO CHECKS and BALANCES in our Federal government – and they know it. This makes them very dangerous – and they must be stopped or this country will be unrecognizable in two years – that’s right – just two years.

    Please stand with me and vote out these spendaholic Senators and Representatives in 2010. Then common sense shall gain momentum and we can oust Obama from his perch and bring sanity back to the government – the best government is a small government. Please sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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