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  • Terrorist White House Does Fly-by Over NYC

    by Founder on March 28, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Tell me who was the genius that coordinated the Air Force One simulation of 9/11 over New York City? This to me was really quite symbolic of where this administration stands concerning America. This Obama administration is clearly anti-American and was seemingly mocking America by performing these airplane maneuvers over NYC – without even warning the Mayor of NYC or its people.

    I wonder what Al-Queda, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Iraq thought of this terrorist display? I am sure they were smiling ear to ear at the similarity to 9/11 and it just warmed their souls to see this reminder. What kind of mentality would do this to the people of NYC? Did you see the videos of people running in the streets and of the thousands evacuating their office buildings in fear that this ugly site was another terrorist attack? Was there any apology from the arrogant White House? The answer is a resounding “no”. The White House arrogantly stated that they had informed the proper authorities.

    The White House and Obama do not seem to realize that the proper authorities are “We the People”! It was the people of this country and of NYC who were terrorized that day – but Obama does not look at it that way – remember Obama – our president, is Islamic – the same faith as those who ran the planes into the World Trade Centers – how does this play into it? I don’t know – but it sure seems to reflect on his anti-American arrogance and apathy towards the taxpayers and residents of NYC.

    Think of what occurred. Our President’s Air Force One in an eerily similar flight pattern – flew very low over the skies of Manhattan – being “escorted” (chased) by some F-16 jets – AND the government DID NOT inform the people of NYC that this was occurring! This entire event was apparently a photo opportunity by our government for Air Force One – what a jackass, arrogant move by our bloated, out of touch government.

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    Just the site of the plane banking near the buildings was enough to force thousands into the streets – and who caused all of this problem? – the White House, our government – Obama. Not only did the White House CAUSE this panic but it cost YOU and ME – the taxpayers – $328,835! This is an outrageous way to WASTE this amount of taxpayer dollars – for someone to have the authority to authorize an expenditure of this type of money WITHOUT the taxpayer’s consent is a REAL PROBLEM. Look at this video and you will see how out of touch our government is with the American people and the American way of life.

    November 2012 cannot come soon enough for me, you, the taxpaying citizens and America. We must all rise together as one and make sure that Obama is voted OUT of office, that the NO CHECKS and BALANCES Congress is once again balanced out and that common sense, American patriotism is once again restored to the White House – the American people were fooled by this Obama guy – but no more – we the taxpayers now have seen (again) what happens when Democrats are in power – spend, tax, borrow and TERRORIZE the American people – Obama MUST GO!

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