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  • The States Created Frankenstein

    by Founder on April 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Who is Frankenstein in this story? Frankenstein is our Federal government. Back in 1787 when the founding fathers gathered in Philadelphia to create the Constitution and our form of Federal government – little did they know they were creating a Frankenstein that would some day – run rampant and out of control.

    Remember in the Frankenstein movie when the doctors created Frankenstein – it was suppose to be a good thing because Frankenstein was to protect the people. But as you all know the story – things got out of hand a bit.

    The Constitution recognized that all individuals in this country (and all humans) have certain inalienable rights – like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These rights which are “self evident” were not given to the people by “the people” or the states – but by God.  Yet as our elected political leaders slowly attempt to take away these “God given” rights, our country is meandering it’s way to Fascism – where these rights will not exist anymore.

    To stop this march towards Socialism/Marxism amd Fascism we all must exercise our Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech. It is “very American” to voice your opinion. You have a responsibility to yourself, your family and your country to speak up if you are not happy with your government. The Declaration of Independence says that if we have an “oppressive government” then the people have a RESPONSIBILITY to severe themselves from the government.

    Is this possible? Can someone actually sever themselves from our national government – if you live in the United States? Would our government allow this – must they allow this? Can we get out or are we trapped? Does the federal government have the states right where they want them – coming to them with hands out begging for assistance? How did this happen?

    If you want to change the Constitution – it can be done. The states vote to amend the Constitution – the states created the Constitution – they created the Constitution to protect themselves from a national government that may someday gain too much power.  Now that day has arrived – our national government has TOO MUCH POWER and the states are left looking around at each other wondering what happened.

    The states created the government – now the government is out of control. Remember in the Frankenstein movie what happens in the end? The Frankenstein that was created to protect the people is now attacking the people it was meant to protect. Soon the people were in the streets with pitchforks and torches chasing down this monster and eventually killing it.

    This is what our country has come to and this is what must happen. The states that created the Federal government now are being menaced and controlled by the Federal government. The people must now finish the movie. There will come a point with the American people when they say “enough is enough”. And we shall all take to the streets and protest what has happened to our Capitalistic society. The question is – will it be too late?

    The future of our country is in your hands. We the People must stand in large numbers and protest the decisions being made by our elected officials. These very decisions are taking away your freedoms and liberties – are you aware of this? Do you like being controlled by the federal government? Is this what you want? Please stand with me – use your free speech and tell the government – you’re not going to take it any more! Please people, stand for what you believe in and protect the futures of your children – today.

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