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  • A Government of Hypocrites

    by Founder on April 18, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I can’t stand it. In the last two days, America has been inundated with television coverage of the AIG bonus scandal. The American people are outraged and rightly so at these ridiculous undeserved bonuses.

    Our elected officials are screaming that they are “outraged for the taxpayer” and that they want AIG executives to immediately “return this money back to the taxpayer”. If there ever were a performance worthy of an Oscar – it is this performance by members of Congress and the White House – who are trying to make the American taxpayer believe that they too are outraged.

    These criminal and hypocritical politicians are doing the best they can to put all the blame on AIG. When in reality it was Chris Dodd who wrote this exact clause into the plan – stating that all bonus contracts would stand if made prior to a certain date. Why would he want to put this clause into the plan? Well, the number one and number two recipients of money from AIG are? – you guessed it – Chris Dodd and Barack Hussein Obama – with Obama receiving over $100,000 from AIG. Now I ask you – why shouldn’t THIS MONEY have to be given back? Where is the outrage in Congress about this?

    pacifier the movie download Next you have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac very close themselves to handing out huge bonuses of over $500,000 – it will be interesting to see how these hypocrites handle this one – will there be outrage over these bonuses? Time will tell. This money is just as much the tax payers as the AIG money is – as Fannie and Freddie have both already receive billions of taxpayer money.

    You must know that this hype is all a smoke screen to the real corruption that is going on – behind the scenes. Of the $160 Billion in tax dollars that AIG has received they have sent $55 Billion to the largest foreign banks in the world! The government appropriated all of this money without even going through Congress for these requests and arrogantly pulled an end around on the American tax payer – our government has intentionally deceived us by funneling these billions through AIG – to these foreign banks – in the form of a money laundering scheme and another direct violation of the Constitution and it’s spirit.

    Yes, our government is doing a bang up job of misdirecting the attention of our sound bite society as they pick their pockets at the same time. Everyone is outraged at these bonuses but I implore you – don’t take your eye off the ball. This misdirection ploy is an arrogant and treasonous attempt to force their Socialist and Communist policies down our throats while we are all (the masses) thinking about something else – $160 Million. Obama has America talking about “Millions” instead of what they should be screaming about – the “Billion” and “Trillions” our government is creating out of thin air, spending and wasting.

    divx starship troopers Anyone talking about the fact that the unregulated Federal Reserve launched a $1.2 TRILLION effort today to revive the economy? ONE TRILLION TODAY! $300 Billion “spent” on long term government bonds and an additional $750 BILLION in mortgage backed securities – guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! This is total insanity! The government with no money – promises to buy all these securities – and they are all backed by Fannie and Freddie – who also have no money – and in fact received BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars! Where are the sane people!? Is this all just a bad dream? Where is this money coming from? Who will pay for all of this?

    But what are the media and the masses all talking about? $160 Million. Where is the media’s and the “masses” anger pointed? Not at the politicians – but at AIG. Yes, our Congress and Obama are master manipulators – they knew of these bonuses BEFORE the news hit and they even guaranteed them in the plan – but as soon as public opinion turned on them – these snake politicians immediately turned on their buddies at AIG and made THEM the scape goat – creating a great diversion while deceitfully accumulating massive, un-constitutional debt right under the public’s nose. They spoon fed the media the only the thing our Barack supporting, Jerry Springer public would understand – the big bad Capitalist executives.

    Please don’t let these politicians take your focus off of THEIR corruption. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and use this forum to make your voice heard. These politicians are robbing you, me, our children and many future generations of prosperity. We must stand tall, strong and together to voice our opinions against this Socialist administration and Congress. Together we can change the direction of this country – back to what the founding fathers had in mind. God Bless America – God Bless Capitalism – God Bless the pursuit of Prosperity and God Bless America’s taxpaying entrepreneurs. Make your voice heard today! prancer download

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