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  • Tax, Borrow, Print, Spend = Bankruptcy

    by Founder on May 1, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Now Obama in his Socialistic wisdom wants to actually run businesses. He wants the government to run the Auto business, the Health Care business, the Insurance business, the Banking business and what he doesn’t seem to realize is that these are actually “BUSINESSES”. This means that in order to survive in the “BUSINESS WORLD” they MUST take IN – MORE than they spend. This is the part of “RUNNING” a business that the Obama administration might be a little lax in. hytrin

    How do you run the business of your household? Do you have a family? Isn’t it your obligation to your children and your spouse to run the business of your household finances in a responsible manner? How else could you exist? We the Taxpayers do not enjoy the “benefits” of being completely irresponsible with our money – as the politicians do – and at the same time have no ACCOUNTABILITY for these actions. This is what is occurring in our government RIGHT NOW! What are we the taxpayers going to do about it? And how long are we going to just “talk” about it?

    Our government has no money – yet they are spending money like a drunken sailor. How do they get this money? Three ways – 1. They tax you to death 2. They borrow money until NO ONE will loan them any more (right now) and 3. They print money out of thin air (which devalues our currency). The Federal government is spending money like they have stockpiles of it in a vault – but the reality is – that the vault is empty – they have no money. But these people just keep on spending – like tomorrow is the end of the world.

    Instead of doing what should be done – STOP SPENDING IMMEDIATELY – they are spending more and more and more. They are spending in record numbers and creating record Trillion dollar deficits – which simply cannot be sustained nor can they be paid back. Is this why Obama is pushing for the World economy? So he can “wipe out the debt” and start over? With a new world currency? Could this have anything to do with an obvious and arrogant philosophy of over spending? I do not know the answer to this – yet.

    The Obama administration cannot say “NO” to any one. They want to be everything to everyone – if there is money needed somewhere that has to do with minorities, the poor, any Democratic pursuit or a special interest group – they are going to get it – because Obama cannot say “NO”. He has no connection with reality. What business can survivor like this? If a business does not take in MORE than it spends – then eventually that business will fail – and rightly so! A new and more efficient one shall take it place – IF there is a market for what they are doing.

    This is the lesson “crazy man” Obama must learn. The world is not one big “Community Organization” – America is about profit, Capitalism, free markets, entrepreneurship, big dreams, family and religion – if he wants to shove this Socialist and Fascist crap down America’s throats – I say he is in for a fight!

    kaena the prophecy free The America I know will not stand for this anymore – the “Polls” are NEVER accurate – have they asked you anything lately? Are you in the “Polls?” The true, hard working. tax paying Americans are what make up America and these are the people who are NOT in these ridiculous polls. Most Americans are completely AGAINST what is happening with our government today – AGAINST IT! When the time comes for action – America will know.

    No one in government can run a successful, profitable business – they have NO CONCEPT of the value of money and working hard to earn it – most of these politicians are life time or decades long politicians – they are living in a bubble that we MUST burst – and restore this great country back to the people – the tax payers! The corrupt politicians are going to try to run all these different types of business – all these LAWYERS are going to try to run these businesses – and every one of these businesses will be run – RIGHT INTO THE GROUND!Guaranteed!

    Yet Obama will keep these government businesses “alive” with fake printed money and from very high taxation of the people (who aren’t living off of the government). And soon the land will look just like it did in Atlas Shrugged – a grey, barren, lifeless, non-producing country that has lost its soul. Is this where you want America the Beautiful to go?

    People, we must rise up and make our voices heard. Each night I rally about this cause to gain our country back – yet more must happen other than words. They are not listening to our words. We must take action and this action is what shall change the world – not a bunch of elitists gathering together to make the decisions that shall shape our lives forever. We the People can change America – together we can restore our Constitution and achieve prosperity once again.

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