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  • America is Now at a Fork in the Road

    by Founder on May 2, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Obama is now in London kissing up to all the world leaders. Is this where you want the President of the United States to be? Should the President of the United States even be there? We are America! We are different. We are not just another world country that’s going to blend in with the rest – we are a land of entrepreneurs and freedom fighters – we are Americans.

    Obama has gone over to London to sell our souls to the world – he doesn’t want America to stand on its own any more – he wants America to be part of a world economy – one world economy. Is this what you want? Has he committed to all of these disastrous economic policies to purposely send this country into an economic nose dive all for the purposes of creating and controlling a “world economy?” Remember – you don’t want to waste a good crisis – in the words of Rahm Emanuel.

    It is scary to think that Obama – this thug from Chicago, is huddled across the ocean with all the world leaders deciding our fate. When these leaders denounced Capitalism and blamed it for the worlds problems – did the American representative -Â Obama -Â DEFEND Capitalism? Did he defend our Constitution? Did he defend America and its taxpayers? The answer is a resounding NO!

    Obama doesn’t care about America he cares about the World more! He cares about the world’s children more than he care about America’s children – this man is about to change America forever -and what are we going to do about it?

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    Obama is going to arrange it so that these world leaders will have control over America and our currency! If this isn’t enough to riot over – the throwing out of 200 years of American history – I don’t know what would be! America is on the verge of extinction and Obama is welcoming it with open arms. We are NOT responsible for the worlds problems – we are NOT the baby sitter to the world – we must right our OWN ship first before we can help others.

    All these supposed “brilliant” world leaders gather together and the best they can do is the same old crap that Obama is doing – PRINT and SPEND – In a stunning move by all of these countries – who all have NO MONEY (except for China) – the G20 has decided to give $1 Trillion to the IMF – with absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY. So, which nations are giving and how much are they (you and me) giving? YOUR tax dollars are going to go to faltering nations – nations that could care less about America – this entire thought is sickening to me and throws the Constitution in the trash. Unless we stop this madness America’s future will be forever gone.

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    Ask any of the members of the G20 meeting – “Who are the Founding Fathers of the Constitution of the United States?” – none of them will know and certainly none of them will care! They don’t care who George Washington was or Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin – they don’t care!

    They don’t care if they are throwing away 200 years of American history and the very people who shaped this great and dominant country. Obama is trashing the Constitution and selling the soul of America to the world stage – can you imagine the change that has occurred since this man has taken office? It is mind boggling and unless the American taxpayers rise up and FORCE our politicians to STOP! To STOP this insanity! How long will the American people take it?

    Did you see the riots in the streets of London? What was it that made all these thousands of people to actually take to the streets and protest their obscene government? What is different between what is happening there and between what is happening here? What will it take to get the American people in the streets of Washington to show our numbers and TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTISM! Soon they will try to change the American flag! You watch! If the people do not rise up and stop this radical mad man – then the America you once knew and loved will be gone – forever gone.

    Will you allow Obama to throw out the American way of life? Will you allow this nobody to trash the American Constitution that was crafted by some of the greatest men in American history? Are you going to allow some world “board of directors” to make decisions for America? For you? For your kids? This is America – the home of the free and the home of the brave – we must fight to keep our country. What comes around goes around – we fought the American Revolution once – after 200 years it may be time to fight the American Revolution AGAIN.

    Our great founding fathers fought once to free us from a King’s Dictatorship – it is now time again. Please sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution and get ready to fight for it. Make your voice heard today!

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