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  • Stimulus Bill Is All Pork And Payback

    by Founder on May 2, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The new administration had promised “hope and change” but it seems that now the American people have “no hope” and as far as Washington is concerned – there is certainly “no change”. It is clear that Obama will not usher in any change that is positive to our government. We still have the same corruption and the same old story that elected our officials do not pay their taxes – yet they insist that the average American tax payer must pay theirs – or risk jail and/or fines. Our government officials do not have this risk – they can ignore the laws but apparently the hard working tax payer cannot. Are you happy with this situation?

    The new “Stimulus Bill” being introduced by Obama – is clearly the biggest scam ever to be pulled on the American tax payer. This entire bill consists of “Pork” as the administration sees this “opportunity” as a way to get all of their favorite programs finally passed – all at once! Plus this bill is designed as a “Payback” to all the unions throughout the land that have heavily contributed to Obama’s march to the Presidency. This “Bill” is a complete sham and – if the founding fathers were still around – this government action would land all of our elected officials – right in jail! But not with Obama – all of this corruption and deceit is his way of life – it is how he operates as a politician – just look at his history while he was on the rise in Illinois.

    What should our President do if he were a true leader? Obama should stand up, talk to the American people and immediately announce that every elected and appointed government official will be audited by the IRS anf if any taxes are due – they will be treated just as any average American would – by having to pay back the taxes and any fines that may be involved. This act would give the American people the beginnings of some sort of confidence in our elected officials – that is greatly needed but this will never happen – because Obama is also very corrupt.

    So what are the American people to do? There now seems to be a “Kingdom” being established in Washington. A kingdom of elitists who are guarded by a big fence and our military – but will this isolate them and protect them from the wrath of the American tax payer? Are we going to let these fences stop us from taking back our country? Or do the fences and the guards scare you into silence? This is what the government wants – these current elected officials want to live their lives without accountability for their actions and without the rules that American tax payers must abide by. How did America morph into this controlled, Socialistic society and what can we do?

    We as tax payers must rise up and make our voices heard. I don’t know how the American people are going to rise up – whether peacefully or not – but I do know that there will come a point when all the tax payers across this land will finally say “Enough is enough”! “Stop the insanity”! “We must take our government back from these socialists and crooks” – “We must do this for all future generations!” When will this point arrive? It may not be far away – as our government keeps pushing the envelope and pushing the patience of the American tax payer.

    Please stand with me today. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution. Call your Congressman or Congresswoman today and vote “NO” on this scam they call a “Stimulus Bill”.

    Let the millions of “real Americans” rise up and make their voice heard – please don’t just sit back and watch all this happen – get in the game – be a true American – stand for Capitalism and the free markets – stand for principles, honesty and character – stand as the founding fathers would have – let us be the Revolutionaries of 2009 and beyond.

    Our government is filled to the brim with corrupt, dishonest liars and it is up to you and me – we have a responsibility and an obligation to our nation’s children and our nations’ economic future. Join me in this fight today. May God bless America.

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