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  • How Did Nazi Germany Start?

    by Founder on May 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

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    It’s very important that the youth of America learn about American history and how America got to where it is today. Without this knowledge, the youth of today – and I include elementary school through college – will readily accept just about anything the government throws at them.

    Without learning of the values and the principles that this great country was founded on – the young people of today are subject to a future life of very high taxation and a restriction of the very freedoms we took for granted as we were growing up.

    Here is a little history for you. Beginning in 1933 and leading right through 1945, Nazi Germany was led by the iron rule of Adolf Hitler. Many things happened at the beginning of this rule that have a very scary resemblance to what is happening today – and it is only if our youth of today learn about this history will they be able to recognize what is happening to them and stop it in its tracks.

    In Nazi Germany those in power began to talk about how Democracy and Capitalism were not working – and in fact they were failing – does this sound familiar?

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    Then the Germany Treasury began to print unbelievable amounts of money – right out of thin air – does this sound familiar? This of course, led to massive hyper inflation – this does not sound familiar – as of yet – but with Obama’s policies it will (and the stock market knows this).

    Then came the arrival of Hitler – and his emotional speeches. Through his manipulation of government procedure he was able to get most of the power within his grasp – sound familiar? And then he began to Nationalize all of industry and banking – he Nationalized everything! And he did all of this “in the best interest of the people.”

    Capitalism was said to be bad and all of these Socialized changes were for the good of the “country” and for the “people”. They wanted to protect the masses from the “greedy rich” people. They wanted to even things out a bit – sound familiar?

    This is how the National Socialist German Workers Party began – and this of course opened the door to even sicker leadership by Hitler as millions ended up dieing at the hands of this mad man. This form of oppressionist government or Communism does nothing but demoralize and diminish the psyche of the average person – and this is what Obama is hoping will happen to the masses of America as he crafts his own Nazi form of economy – hoping to gain complete control of every aspect of your life. Is this what you want?

    The signs are there. The similarities are all there . This is not a coincidence. This is what is really happening to America – and the longer we just sit back and watch it all go by, the worse it will get. Please rise up and voice your opinion against this madness. Contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them how you feel. They cannot go on forever NOT listening to the people. We shall rise up together and vote some of these people out in 2010 and Obama out in 2012.

    Know your principles and values and do not give them up for anyone. Stand strong against a government that just wants to “give” you all that you need – at the expense of who though? You and me – the tax payers – but really at the expense of future generations. How sad – that Obama and this radical Democratic government will shackle all of these future lives with this massive debt – and they are not even here to defend themselves. Please – make your voice heard today!

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