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  • The Anti-American Obama

    by Founder on May 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As we trudge our way through the Obama administration – the numbness of going Socialist seems to be sinking into the consciousness of the American taxpayer – but this numbness MUST not prevent the people – the taxpayers – from continuing to voice their opinion AGAINST Obama’s Fascist and Socialist policies and CONTINUE to fight for America and Capitalism.

    The latest and most obvious anti-American move by King Obama – which was ignored by the moronic media – involved his arrogant “slashing” of his $3.6 Trillion budget.

    Obama did two things that should have completely outraged any and all taxpayers BUT it once again appears to have gone un-noticed and un-reported for the most part. online triphala

    1. Obama “slashed” his obnoxious, record setting $3.6 Trillion budget by ONLY $100 Million!
    2. At the same time Obama sent $100 BILLION to the IMF to strengthen their “war chest”. This is the same anti-American organization that tax cheat Timothy Geithner worked for and didn’t pay his taxes for.

    Do you see the complete arrogance and lack of concern for the American people and the American taxpayer? Are you outraged by this obnoxious and stupid move? Are you outraged that the President of the United States can just give away OUR money like it was Monopoly money? Yet in the same breath this absolute liar says how he wants to “stop waste in government”. Obama is sickening and MUST be voted OUT of office as soon as the American taxpayer gets the chance.

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    What has Obama done that is pro-American? Can ANYONE name anything? What has this President done that upholds the Constitution? How did this man get elected? How did this treasonous traitor infiltrate our Federal government to such an extent that he can now accumulate all their power he needs to effectively and essentially ghetto -ize this country – to where it is a liberal, trash infested, no culture country that is totally and completely bankrupt?

    Think about it – Obama gave $100 BILLION to the IMF – to “strengthen their war chest” – what about the American war chest? We have NOTHING – America is broke and HEAVILY in debt – what kind of maniac would just GIVE AWAY our hard earned tax dollars – other than an anti-American, foreign born traitor – who WANTS to see this country destroyed?

    That’s right – I think Obama has really exposed himself over the past 100+ days – exposed himself as a liar – and a straight faced liar at that. He has exposed himself as a extremely liberal Fascist and Socialist – who by promising the poor and the minorities everything under the sun – he has found that he can control this country and our future.

    Obama cut $100 Million from his budget of $3.6 Trillion – orĂ‚ .0027% – and he tried to make a big deal of it – MEANWHILE with his other hand he was surreptitiously sliding the IMF (a non-American transnational organization) $100 BILLION of our taxpayer dollars! This is totally outrageous! Did the American people vote on this? Did you have your say in this action? This was clearly an end around of the Constitution and of the pathetic losers that sit in Congress (save a few with common sense).

    If you believe in what I am voicing then PLEASE sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. We MUST stop Obama and this obvious march to Socialism. If he is allowed to give amnesty to the 30 million ILLEGAL immigrants in this country there is a very good chance he may NEVER leave office. Make your voice heard today.

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