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  • Only 1380 Days Left For Obama

    by Founder on May 6, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Will this be enough time for Obama to tear apart America? To tear her apart by dividing the races, by dismantling her economy, by trashing her Constitution and by offering up America for the world leaders to control and destroy. America is special. America is an experiment at freedom. And the rules are laid out for us all in our Constitution. 200+ years of this “experiment” have given the world the most innovative, free and prosperous nation that exists. Yet, now Obama wants to throw this all away.

    Will this be enough time for Obama to appoint all of the judges he needs in order to implement his vision of total government control? Remember, if he cannot pass what he wants through the Constitutional government process he will go to the courts for his rulings – all the way the the Supreme Court – and he will see to it that he gets his way.

    Obama is setting up this administration for a complete and total takeover of all that is and was America. In the opposite move of what Reagan did and would have done – Obama is GROWING the government and RAISING taxes – ignoring the small businessman and woman who make up 70% of all those employed in the country. If we as a people do not rise up and DEMAND change from what he is doing – then this 1380 days will seem like an eternity – and it will produce a lifeless, grey and dull America – a country run by the government – at that point might as well change the name and the flag – afterall “America” will be gone. What a sad thought.

    Obama chose the path for our country and this administration from day one, by taking his oath WITHOUT a bible. So this man has no religion? A country without a religion or without a faith or that is Godless – is a country with a bleak, soul less, grey future. Men and women who do not believe in some type of God are empty and void of any feeling of having a soul – and this is very sad. These are not the type of people we need “leading” this country – someone who thinks we are simply dust and will wither away to nothingness with no thought when we die. This is not the America that has prayed to God and faithfully survived for the last 200+ years.

    Is this enough time for Obama to sell our country to the world? To appoint a lead law council to the United States who wants to legislate us based on “Trans National Law”? On the laws of the world rather than the laws of the Constitution? This is what is happening right before your eyes.

    If you love the America that existed between the 40′ through the 90′s then NOW is the time for action – because this president is throwing away THAT America! He is tossing out the founding fathers and all those brave men and women who died for our country – protecting our freedoms AND at the time protecting us – from the very things that Obama is trying to do to this country – Socialism, Fascism and a blatant form of Communism. Are you going to let this politician do this to you and America?

    America is special BECAUSE of our Constitution. We are special because of what this country has gone through to already win its freedom from a King – we are special because of all the great men and women who have shaped this unique country. Do not let this thug politician just throw away 200 years of American history at a whim. If he doesn’t believe in the American way – then GET OUT OF AMERICA! We don’t want you! Stop selling us to the world! Stop spending! Stop blaming everything on America and capitalism. Obama is CLEARLY anti-American, yet he ……. is our president. Only 1380 days left and out he goes.

    We must rise up and stop this government take over from happening. Jefferson said the reason fro the 2nd Amendment was to protect the people as a “last resort” against government “tyranny” – well, there is DEFINITELY government tyranny – so get ready to protect and defend your property and freedoms. Go to as many tea parties as you can – organize your own – join “the912project” with Glenn Beck and be sure to watch him on April 15th when he broadcasts live from the Alamo – in a show of force by taxpayers throughout America!

    Do what you can – call or write your Senators and Representatives – voice your opinions- make your voice heard today – your voice is the most important voice there is and together our voices shall be heard. God Bless America and its future. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution.

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