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  • The Growing Government is Destroying America

    by Founder on May 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The latest unemployment figures have been released and for April 2009 the PRIVATE SECTOR lost 539,000 jobs! That’s five hundred and thirty thousand jobs! But wait – all is well – the government just HIRED 66,000 people to fill new government jobs. This is outrageous and this poison will destroy America and everything America REALLY stands for. Are you as outraged as I am? Does this bother you? Does it bother you that the average American, hard worker is LOSING their job while the Obama government is EXPANDING! This is a sick slap in the face to every hard working American taxpayer.

    Listen up Obama – the American taxpayer is sick and tired of your lack of truth and manipulation as you grow and grow this out of control Fascist and Socialist government. Obama has just let out the details of his “budget” if it can even be called that – and 56% of it is for “entitlements” – these are “government programs” like Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing and all of the other WASTE that the government hands out to the poor and to the minorities. Yet YOU and ME are paying for all this waste – and it’s coming out of the pockets of our kids and their kids. How do you feel about this?

    One of the best things I see happening right now is the desire to secede by about 20 different states right now. The 10th Amendment will be the focal point of our country in a short time. This Amendment declares what powers the Federal government has and those not declared fall back to the states and/or the people. With Obama’s forced, mob style coercion tactics that he is trying to push on the states and the people – it just isn’t going to work. The taxpayers are too smart – the people of this country who really matter – the taxpayers – will not allow Obama to run wild over this country and destroy 200+ years of American history in the progress.

    Government jobs produce NOTHING. Government jobs are for the most part COMPLETELY wasteful and unnecessary. For government to actually get back to the size it was intended to be by our founders – the size of government needs to be cut by at least 75% – cutting out most of the 1300+ government programs (and growing) that exist today. Obama’s “budget” is $3.6 Trillion and they want to cut or “slash” $17 Billion – a whopping .0047% – and Obama says “hey, $17 Billion is no chump change” – so then what is the remaining $3,583,000,000,000? Well, mostly waste that’s for sure.

    Our Federal government is way too big and growing everyday. The American taxpayer needs a President that will represent the best interests of the American taxpayer – not the best interests of big business and the worlds other countries. Obama is so out of touch with Capitalism and the taxpayers that his presidency is going to cause the secession of 20+ states from the union. But if you listen to the moronic media you would think all is well and the American people favor what Obama is doing – but the truth is the exact opposite – Obama’s government growth and out of control spending are both bankrupting and destroying the very foundations America was built on.

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    Please join me and voice your opinion AGAINST gig government, AGAINST Obama and his Fascist and Socialist policies and AGAINST the massive corruption that is trying to steer this country towards Socialism and their lack of freedom for the very people who made this country the great country that it is. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and pledge that you will NOT stand for any more garbage coming out of Congress and our White House. Join me today and vote Obama OUT in 2012 and vote his coming amnesty bill DOWN for all the ILLEGAL immigrants in this country. Make your voice heard today!

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    David January 12, 2014

    Its unreal what’s happening. I don’t believe
    Anything the federal government says, I know they cook the numbers. But, I can’t help thinking that maybe they know something we don’t and that’s why there’s all this recklessness that make you ask are s they just plain retarded? Or that math doesn’t add up or what the f@$% did you learn at school ?
    Well I know our government has studied its people and I mean like anything else they do, they probably spent millions and millions on the research of the american citizen thus they know how we tick and thus they know that if you hurt the middle class the whole nation suffers, if you make life hard on the middle class our economy suffers and they know this!!! So.. What’s the deal??? I think its over. I don’t think there is pulling out of this dive. In the history of man or hell our world communism has never worked and I think they know this also. I wish there was somewhere else we could go like we did when escaping england and started this great nation. Unfortunately we have allowed our nation to be infiltrated and like termites they have destroyed it, so I say let them have it, I know this sounds terrible but its not fixable. My wife and I talk about leaving this country and I’m sure we are not the only ones.


    Juan Valdez November 9, 2015

    North America would have been better off without a government and no leaders at all.


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