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  • The People Are Too Big To Fail

    by Founder on May 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Hello! Anyone have common sense in our Federal government? So you think that these “big” companies like AIG or GM or Citi Bank or Chrysler – are “too big to fail”? This is ridiculous and tremendously short sighted politics – that is going to cost the American taxpayer dearly. Yet together – we, with common sense, can fight back!

    “The People” are too big to fail. It is “The People” who cannot fail – rather let these pathetic companies that have run themselves into the ground fail. These companies that are so called “too big to fail” – all of the sudden our arrogant politicians think that they can make these companies SUCCEED! These politicians do not believe that these companies can or should fail – yet it is CAPITALISM that says these companies MUST fail.

    The entire premise of Capitalism is “survival of the fittest” – the companies that can make a PROFIT are the companies that shall endure. IF you as a business CANNOT make a profit – YOU ARE DONE! This is NOT a negotiable feature of Capitalism. Yet our Federal government seems to believe that capitalism IS negotiable – that Capitalism can be MANIPULATED. Unfortunately as anyone who actually understands Capitalism and our Constitution – you know that this particular system CANNOT be manipulated or interfered with.

    I agree that these companies that the government wishes to bail out are very large companies. But aren’t the “people” bigger? Aren’t the masses of the taxpayers BIGGER than any of these pathetic companies? The answer to this question – is “YES”! But the only difference is that “the people” aren’t lining the pockets of these CORRUPT politicians! Just follow the money!

    The people – We the People – are BIGGER than these companies that Obama refers to as “too big to fail”. We the People provide the government with hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in TAX money – yet the Federal government looks at us as disposable pawns. The little people. We the taxpayers of this country are shunned and NOT respected! It is time for the taxpayer to re-establish their rightful place in society and once again get this great country – back on track.

    It is We the People who are too big to fail. A country is made up of it’s people – not it’s laws and government regulations. We the People are the “organization” that is “too big to fail” – it is absolutely RIDICULOUS to say – in Capitalism – that a company is “too big to fail”. Think about it – this is – well, STUPID! IF you believe in Capitalism – and I say “IF” you believe in Capitalism – this concept of “too big to fail” is NON existent. So the only conclusion – is that our current Presidential administration DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CAPITALISM. It is very simple – Obama is ANTI-CAPITALISM. Everything he is doing shows this fact. He MUST go! download 13 moons dvd

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    We the People MUST rise up TOGETHER and voice our opinion and DISPLEASURE with what is happening to our country. America was founded by men and women who believed in Capitalism and freedom. If Obama or members of Congress DO NOT BELIEVE in Capitalism and the plan our founding fathers set up – then – GET OUT! Leave America! Don’t strip America of 200+ years of history! Don’t throw away the lives of all those who fought for for the very freedoms that you enjoy today! Obama is delusional and psychotic – he MUST go and so should ALL of his “Black Caucus” policies. He will create a race war – if you give him the time.

    America is quickly evaporating. Our “American” culture is becoming a faded, distant memory. The great men and women of American history are being discarded like yesterdays trash. But in reality it is the elected officials of today who are the “trash”. Let these politicians mingle with the other Dictators of today’s world – but let them do it WITHOUT representing America! They do NOT represent me! Do our politicians of today represent you?

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    escape from the planet of the apes dvd We the People should IMMEDIATELY stop sending the federal government any of our money – NO MORE tax dollars for you! It is We the People who are too big to fail – We the People shall overcome your corrupt relationships with all of these big companies! You shall fail! I warn you – the thousands of people who read this – just understand that the government – our Federal government – will fail – I GUARANTEE it. Corruption will be brought down and stomped into the ground. Eventually these corrupt politicians will be OUT of office and HOPEFULLY will have to live like a REAL human being.

    Please rise up with me and voice your opinion. Rise up as an American for the Constitution and make a stand against Obama and BIG government. Say that you DO NOT NEED the government! We the People can live our own lives and DO NOT need the Federal government to regulate and control our lives. PLEASE people – rise up and BE ANGRY – don’t just take it! Do something! Join me today!

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