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  • Government Gone Wild – No More Checks and Balances

    by Founder on May 10, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    What has happened with the American Federal government? It hasn’t always been this way – but now it is. There are currently no Checks and Balances within the Federal government. These Checks and balances are NECESSARY for a Democratic government society to operate properly and to represent the people. Yet our government is now filled with a bunch of elitist, criminals who wouldn’t know the truth if it landed in their laps. Our government MUST be changed and it must return back to the will of the people – not the will of the government.

    Where are the Checks and Balances in Congress? Where is it that Congress is afraid of the people or afraid of the President? – there are no more Checks and Balances. Congress seems to be having a party by being able to pass bills that the American tax payer has no idea about – Congress slips earmarks into the bills like it is a game to them – a dishonest, pathetic game that is damaging the trust the people had for government – diminishing this trust to just about nothing.

    Where are the Checks and Balances concerning the Republicans and Democrats? Why aren’t they afraid of each other? Because they are now acting TOGETHER as one party – except for a few rogue Republicans. These two parties were the basis for the entire political system – two parties with differing views – with the intent of providing Checks and Balances to eachother – so that no one party can dominate the decision making process. With the policies and bills coming out of Congress now – no one can tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans – they all seem like snake oil salesman and thieves.

    Where are the Checks and Balances for the White House? Is the White House turning into the house for the American King? Is this what is happening? America is not the home of a King. America is the home of a Democracy that is led by the people – who in turn vote on what they want and on who they want to represent them. It seems that Obama is trying to get around Congress by appointing “Czars” to oversee things – who also have no accountability to the people or to Congress – sounds like a King in the making to me.

    Where are the Checks and Balances in the Media? The media seems like an extension of the government – just like in Venezuela. Shouldn’t the government be afraid of the media? Shouldn’t the three branches of government be afraid of the media? Someone just yesterday – a tax payer – went to the Capitol, waited for and confronted Charlie Rangel – and asked him – on camera – why he hasn’t paid his taxes? This is the first in the “people’s” uprising.Why wasn’t it the media who did this? They are too busy “reporting” about nothing and “celebrities”.

    The media won’t investigate the government – therefore it seems to be the responsibility of the people – not the pathetic media. Instead of writing your Congressman – write the media – CNN, ABC, NBC and ask them WHY they are not holding the politicians accountable for these crimes and corruption. The media has greatly failed the tax payer. Just look at the NY Times – this is why they are now broke – but in their circumstance they must go out of business – unlike the government – who just keeps on going even though they have NO MONEY!

    Where are the Checks and Balances in the Court system? Why hasn’t the Judicial branch challenged the un-Constitutionality of Obama’s policies – where is the court system to protect the people? It seems the court system just protects the outrageous policies being spit out by Congress and the President. Who will police the government? If it is not the Courts or the different party system or the media or the three branches of our government – if none of these entities are afraid of the other – then you have what you have – a government GONE WILD.

    The House should be afraid of the Senate. The Court sysytem should be watching over the other two branches of government. Thery should ALL be afraid of the media. And EVERYONE should be afraid of the PEOPLE. This is the one thing that must and will change. The government has no fear of the people – the government uses the tax paying people as pawns – pawns that can make the poor richer and the rich poorer.

    This is Obama’s dream – to take the money from the wealthy and give it to those with no money – he wants to EQUAL everything out – when you get a chance read Atlas Shrugged – if you want to find out how this all will end.

    Within the past few days there is a guy in Texas that sent a letter to the IRS saying he would not pay his taxes anymore – why should he? – no one in Washington is. I love this guy – hopefully this will start the avalanche of tax payers REVOLTING against the government and REFUSING TO PAY THEIR TAXES. The government is washing our hard earned tax dollars down the toilet with their waste – why should we give them our money anymore? If they need money they just print it anyway. So why give them our HARD EARNED MONEY!

    Please people – stand with me and voice your opinion against what is happening within our government. Please sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution. If we all stand together – we shall win the war against our government and if you don’t think it’s a war – then they shall run over you and all you believe in – and Socialism will sweep over our great land. Make your voice heard today!

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    Swamp February 4, 2013

    There was a time when citizens said no to taxation. It was called the Boston Tea Party. It is time we get this party started. We should all be done with taxes until this government decides to align with the people again.


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