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  • Obama is an Embarrassment to America

    by Founder on May 10, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Our President recently concluded his “I Apologize” world tour as he went from country to country apologizing for America’s actions throughout the years. This man got elected by the people because he made the American people “feel good”. He did not get elected because of his policies – rather he got elected for making the people “feel” good about his “promises” – most of which he has already broken. Obama CLEARLY is an embarrassment to the American taxpayer.

    Saudi Arabia – The President of the United States went to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia! I am NOT OK with this. Acting in this submissive and subservient way is outrageous for the President to do. Wasn’t it believed that the Saudis were responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Aren’t the Saudis anti-woman? In Saudi Arabia women have NO RIGHTS – yet Obama bows to this man and PROBABLY kissed the hand of this man. When I saw this I was VERY embarrassed to be an American at that point.

    Obama wants to be a citizen of the world. He wants all the other countries to love him – he doesn’t care about you and me – the taxpayers – the American people. Even the White House is trying to spin his bow to the King – but there is no quote from and particular representative of the the White House – rather it is an “anonymous” quote from the White House – huh? neurontin

    Then this idiot goes to visit the Queen of England and America hater Michelle over steps protocol by touching the Queen and to top it off her clueless husband gives the Queen of England a Video iPod! What is she a teenager? Plus it was filled with videos and speeches – FROM OBAMA! Are you kidding me? This guy we have as President right now is a complete joke – but unfortunately what he is doing to this country is NO laughing matter. Hopeful the Queen just tossed it in the garbage where it belongs.

    Next stop – Turkey. Another Arab country that he profusely apologized to. AND he also bowed to this King. He apologized for the war on Islam (which never existed), he apologized for our slavery and he apologized for the America economy. We have a sitting President bowing to the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Turkey! What about the millions of service men and women who have fought for our country? What a tremendous dis-service to our military and our history. Obama MUST go.

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    Then finally the Obama stop that DID NOT occur – was his snub of Normandy, France. Even though he was invited to go to Normandy by France’s President – he did NOT go there – he would have been honoring the 9370 American men and women who died on those beaches and are buried there – all for America’s freedoms – the White House claimed it was not “logistically possible”. Obama does NOT like our military – and I believe – that will be his downfall – because there will come a day when he needs to call on the military to quell the coming taxpayer uprising – but the military will look at him and say “Are you crazy?”

    So, what do you think of this pathetic American hating man? If you voted for Barack Hussein Obama – are you proud of your vote? Do you believe in women’s rights? Would you bow to and kiss the hand of the leader of a country that does NOT give any rights to women? The only people who should “bow” to the King of Saudi or Turkey are – their subjects – their sub missives – people who will say to him – “Your wish is my command” – not the President of the United States! And the White House says he did it because “he was taller than the King”. Just so you know – in case you didn’t – the White House thinks YOU are stupid.

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    It is of vital importance that Obama NOT be re-elected in 2012. We must rise up as taxpayers and demand our country back. Please rise up with me and voice your opinion AGAINST this man and his policies. Sign in as an American for the Constitution. Attend the Tea Parties in your area – bring a sign – make your voice heard – speak up! We MUST get our country and our Constitution back! Capitalism MUST survive not Obama’s Socialism! PLEASE people let us rise up!

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