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  • Obama Trashes the Declaration of Independence

    by Founder on May 12, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Everyone is aware of Obama’s overseas trip – but is everyone aware of what actually happened? – what he “agreed” to? – on YOUR behalf – on the behalf of ALL taxpayers? Let’s see if everyone knows about this MIND BOGGLING news.

    At the recent G20 meetings, Obama agreed on YOUR behalf, to create an “international board” with the authority to intervene in U.S corporations by dictating compensation – and approving or disapproving of business management decisions. Please re-read that last sentence – We’re you aware of this “agreement” made by Obama? – this un-Constitutional agreement made between the United States and other countries? – simply at a whim by our new Dictator in Chief Obama?

    You like MOST taxpayers were NOT aware of this treasonous act. The so-called “Media” did not report it – they were too busy with Brittany Spears or the IAG bonuses or Michelle Obama’s attire – this is ALL the reason America IS where it IS – because of the lack of interest by the “people” – the taxpayers – but – this is SLOWLY changing.

    By agreeing to create the “Financial Stability Board” – Obama has effectively made null and void the Declaration of Independence of the United States and in the words of political consultant Dick Morris “abrogated the sovereignty of the United States”.

    Coming out of the G20 meetings was a document titled “Declaration of Strengthening the Financial System” and by agreeing to the terms of this document Obama has torn the Declaration of Independence in two – it is CLEARLY now time for another revolution by the people – and this one is LONG OVER DUE!

    Lets look at some other points of MAJOR concern:

    1. The United States has only ONE vote in the newly created “Financial Stability Board” – we are just being lopped in with all these other countries into one big group like we have no history or identity at all – a group that will be largely controlled by European bankers.
    2. The new board now has authority to examine ALL U.S. banks, brokerage firms and corporations to “examine operations and determine risk” – scared yet?
    3. The board then has the authority to set policies in these corporations including but not limited to – compensation packages.
    4. The IMF and the new “Financial Stability Board” would be able to supersede U.S. government authorities including the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, the FDIC, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Labor. Were you aware of this?
    5. It appears that no appeals procedure to a U.S. court has been written into the document – for any U.S. company who would want to challenge a decision by the Financial Stability Board.

    All of these agreements were made BY Obama – without any discussion or vote by the American taxpayer. Does this disgust you? Right before our very eyes Obama has trashed the Declaration of Independence and I hear NOTHING about this decision – a decision that can and will have MONUMENTAL consequences for the future of America – my future, your future, your kid’s future – the future of all generations – IF We the People let this happen!

    Our founding fathers fought the American Revolution to rid the control put upon them by an overseas King -Â our founding fathers wanted SOVEREIGNTY – just as I do! – just as you do! – just as American was written to be in the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence – I WILL NOT stand for my rights being given away at a whim by our new President – I will revolt and I hope you will as well!

    Go to a Tax day Tea party! Voice your opinion against what Obama is trying to do to this country – he is becoming a “DIVIDER” of people – this is not good – this is NOT America. We MUST rid this man from office in 2012 and restore civility and common sense back into our government – at all levels.

    And whatever you do – when Obama starts pushing his illegal Immigrant Amnesty Plan – we ABSOLUTELY MUST rise up and block the citizenship of these Illegal Immigrants – if we do not and Obama gives them citizenship – Obama WILL get another term – they will all vote him in – all 30 Million of them. This is their over all plan to stay in office.

    Now is the time to rise up! Please, make your voice heard today! Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution!

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