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  • The Federal Government – Arrogant and Growing

    by Founder on May 12, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    While the economy is shrinking and millions are being laid off and collecting unemployment – Barack Obama and his administration are hiring thousands – and the average pay of a Federal employee will now INCREASE to $75,419! Do you make this much money? Are you pleased that these government workers – who produce NOTHING -Â are making this much money? Do you think it is obscene and arrogant that the Federal government – which has no money – is paying their “workers” this much?

    Last year as the liar Obama was campaigning he referred to and called for a “shared sacrifice” – but apparently this does not apply to government employees – Obama only wants to TAKE AWAY from those who actually work hard for their money and GIVE this money to “government workers”. The Federal government must borrow 50 cents for every dollar it spends yet at the same time it is WASTING massive amounts of money on salaries for its employees – just as EVERY state is doing – government employees making hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly while doing and producing NOTHING!

    This arrogance, insanity and idiocy MUST stop! You hear the media and others say that Obama is so smart – but is he? What kind of “smart” man would arrogantly and obviously spend massive amounts of money that he simply doesn’t have? Where is the intelligence there? What kind of “smart” man would create trillions in debt for future generations while at the same time complain about “the huge government debt and waste”? Obama does have a “smart” – a certain kind of conniving “smart” – a manipulative “smart” – afterall since Obama lies EVERYDAY – he must be somewhat smart – but only in the sense that he has to remember all of his lies!

    hamlet movie download So now, unemployment is nearing double digits and 6.35 million ex-taxpayers are collecting unemployment – yet Obama is running wild in government – recklessly spending your money and borrowing and printing even more money that doesn’t exist – all to pay these pathetic government employees inflated salaries and to “redistribute” our money to “others” – like the poor, the minorities, the states, other countries and of course the corrupt entity that got him elected – ACORN.

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    The arrogance of Obama, Congress and the Federal government WILL be their downfall. The tax payers of this great country are beginning to mobilize and gather together. Homeland Security – now that it is run by the wanna be dictator Obama – possibly does have something to worry about – IF they are now only there to ENFORCE Obama’s philosophies. There will be another LARGE gathering of taxpayers on July 4th of this year – each time the common sense taxpayers of this country assemble – the crowds will get bigger and bigger – to the point that the moronic media will actually have to cover it.

    Remember, as the private sector shrinks – this is you and me – the government is growing! There will soon be more government workers than American citizens paying taxes. Once this occurs the government will be able to pass anything they want. This is the situation that almost exists today – no checks and balances – just how Obama wants it. This is all a stepping stone to Obama’s grand finale of granting amnesty to the 30 million ILLEGALS in this country – thus securing his presidency for another term – if not more.

    Now is the time for the people (the common sense taxpayers) to rise up and voice their opinion AGAINST this treasonous, terrorist President who has infiltrated our Federal government. Just like Michael Savage’s book says – “The Enemy Within” – our enemy – the taxpayer’s enemy is now the Federal government and its King – Obama. We as a people MUST vote this man out of government at the first chance – 2012 – unless it can be proved that he is NOT a citizen before 2012. Please taxpayers – sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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