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  • No One in Congress Read the Spending Bill

    by Founder on May 14, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Does any one find this hard to believe? The Congress of the United States of America just passed and approved a trillion dollar spending bill - that will touch everyone’s lives now and in the future. Yet the only problem is that - no one, who voted for or against the bill - actually read the bill! Doesn’t this sound absurd just reading that? This is an outrageous injustice! It is an injustice against every American tax payer! You have just been screwed! Even you jokers who supported this bill – you just got screwed!

    When you spend your money do you know what you are spending it on? Well, when the government spends YOUR money – not only do they not know where it is going – but they don’t even care. Doesn’t this bother you? How much does it bother you? How long will Americans just “talk” about this injustice? Where and when will the “tipping point” be – when all American tax payers say “I’ve had enough” – then, it will not be time for talk anymore – rather it will be time to appear in the back yard of the White House demanding sanity.

    Anyone notice someone has been missing? Where is Obama – is he invisible now? Where is his leadership? Is he just going to do You Tube weekly conferences – simply because he isn’t capable of answering any direct questions? Where is this man? Where is this man to stand up and say “Hey, wait a minute! You aren’t going to indebt the American people for another trillion dollars - without me AND Congress reading every single word and line item. We owe this to the tax payers of America. We owe this to the bosses of America!” Was this said? NO! Was this even thought by Obama? No way! Where is the “change” that he promised – our government is still deceiving us – only now on an even grander scale.

    Where is the leadership? This is like a sitcom on TV. These people in Congress are all caricatures of themselves. They are like clowns in a circus. How stupid and foolish our leaders appear to be by throwing gas on a fire as far as the economy is concerned – only to fuel their own greed for money and power.

    This midnight bill was passed with over 1000 pages of waste and corruption. I heard there were even hand written additions at the last hour – does this just make you want to shake your head in disgust? Or simply grab these morons by the shoulders and shake some sense into them! Lord help this country.

    Don’t tell me our elected leaders are smart because they are where they are today – I say they are outrageously greedy and this has blinded their common sense – those in Congress may truly believe that the majority of the American people are behind them and Obama – but in reality yes, there are millions of American people behind Obama and Congress BUT the American TAX PAYER is NOT!

    The tax payer must be the one who makes the decisions NOT those that are dependent on the government for their existence. It’s moronic to allow non tax payers to vote! If government moochers were not allowed to vote the Democratic party would have no goals – they would not know where to turn or how to govern – they would not be able to capitalize on their corruption and greed the way they do now in this run away system we currently have.

    No one read this bill before they passed it AND Obama celebrates this. Even when I repeat this to myself that “no one read the bill before voting on it” – it is very hard to believe – that supposed educated men and women would think that the American tax payer is going to allow this type of injustice to continue. They have got to be totally arrogant, elitist, stupid and greedy to think they will get away with this – oh wait , they are all those things.

    So it is up to us, We the People, to put these elected officials in their place – let’s put them in the unemployment line! We must vote out many Senators in 2010 and then Obama MUST GO in 2012 – however we have much work to do before then. Please sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution and help us fight the battle against our corrupt government officials.

    We must save our Constitution – as in the coming days it will be the most important document ever written – as Obama and his appointees try to change this nation into a mix of Communism, Fascism and Socialism.  Please stand with me and make your voice heard today.

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