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  • Barack Obama is a Flat Out Liar and Moron

    by Founder on May 15, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I believe I have been right all along – the President of the United States IS a moron. Look at what has happened since Obama has taken office – he has (with George Bush beginning it all) doled out hundreds pf BILLIONS of dollars in the form of untraceable “bailout” money – and as icing on the cake has had passed a $3.6 TRILLION “budget” that is absolutely sure to bankrupt the country and cause irreparable damage to the financial prosperity of many future generations to come. And to even top that off – he is planning on universal government paid for health care – without even considering who will pay for it and how it will be paid.

    Other than those three reasons for him being a moron and liar – please read the quote that Obama just spit out yesterday. “Our current deficit spending is unsustainable”, and he warned of “skyrocketing interest rates” if “America continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries”. “We have to pay interest on that debt and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt”.

    Now, my question is – was Obama at the tea parties? Because this is what WE were saying at the tea parties – that the pathetic media ridiculed us about! NOW Obama is simply trying to appease us with this rhetoric – DO NOT for a second believe that this is where his concern lies.

    It will be interesting to see how the media responds to this – after all THEY are Obama’s mouthpiece – THEY have been preaching the tax and spend philosophy of Obama just like parrots – so now that Obama is saying what the common sense taxpayers have been saying all along – will the media go along with it and agree? If they do, which I feel they will – it will glaringly show that they are as stupid as Obama and even more so – because they will say ANYTHING their King tells them to say.

    Yet while this is all happening and earlier this week Obama revised his own record busting budget UP and raised the projected deficit to a record $1.84 TRILLION. Two weeks ago the president proposed CUTS of $17 Billion yet also asked for MORE spending of $81 Billion – and this is the man that you want to believe has the taxpayers best interest in mind? This is similar to an alchoholic berating the use of alchohol – while he is gulping down some whiskey! It’s blind, moronic, closed minded and highly arrogant – Obama thinks you and me are stupid – and so does Congress – what are you going to do about this?

    I guess Obama WAS listening to the tea parties after all – even though he gave the impression that they were just an after thought. The common sense American taxpayers were saying all of this BEFORE this massive waste program by Obama – yet he did nothing – he just arrogantly continued on his path – raising his nose in elitism at the taxpayer.

    Now that he has enacted his economic death plan – he is trying to “pretend” that he is concerned and alarmed at government spending – when all along – he has done EXACTLY what he has wanted to do – which is BANKRUPT and DESTROY America, eliminate Capitalism and the conservative family values that have guided this country for centuries.

    Yes, Obama is a moron and a liar. He has proven it over and over again and he will gladly lie right to your face and to the millions of taxpayers across this land. But American taxpayers can only be pushed around for so long. We will not just buckle and fold to a “new world order” – we will keep our America and it will be based on the values of our Founders and the law of the Constitution. Obama’s trash politics – shall be overcome and tossed out just like it should be – with yesterdays trash – in 2012.

    Please people rise up with me and voice your opinion AGAINST this anti-American terrorist who wants to destroy our country, its traditions and its values. Sign in now as an American for the Constitution and join the thousands who have said “Enough is Enough” – I want MY America back – don’t you? Join me today and make your voice heard!

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