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  • Janet Napolitano Should be Fired – Immediately!

    by Founder on May 16, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I want you to read this report or at least browse through this report. This is the report put out by America hater and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama. Evey person they target in this report is the person I know. Each of these so called “terrorists” in this maniacle report is my good buddy – how about you? You know anyone in this report? This report “profiles” millions of Americans because of the way they THINK! You should be completely outraged and ready for battle!

    The same people who said “profiling” was so bad are now PROFILING YOU! Not because of what you have done but what you are THINKING! This is Fascism and an attempot at total government control. This woman who released this report should be immediately fired – and Obama should immediately stand up fire this woman and APOLOGIZE to the American public for this outrageous document. This is an embarrassment to America, the taxpayers and our war veterans.

    This woman is an obvious America hater and a proponent of BIG GOVERNMENT – this report is the direct OPPOSITE of the Constitution – this document is a hate filled, meaningless ramble from a disturbed woman who has been given more power than she can handle AND it was put out by Barack Obama’s department – he can’t blame George Bush for this one – this is ALL on Obama and his administration of America haters.

    This report is saying that our war veterans are a threat to America! The very people who protected our freedoms the government is afraid of – and now that they have said this – they may just be right. The government is out of control and trying to push Communism down the taxpayer’s throats – and like Texas says “it ain’t gonna happen”!

    Here is what the report says. Now I want you to realize that IF you believe in ANY of the following YOU are a THREAT to America:

    1. Oppose restrictions on firearms – I do.
    2. Oppose lax immigration – I do.
    3. Oppose the policies of Obama regarding immigration, citizenship and the expansion of social programs – I do.
    4. Oppose continuation of free trade agreements – I do.
    5. Oppose same sex marriage – I do.
    6. Have paranoia of foreign regimes – I do.
    7. Fear of Communist regimes – Absolutely!
    8. Opposes one world government – I do.
    9. Bemoans the decline of U.S. stature in the world – of course!
    10. Upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India – duh!
    11. The report also states that our WAR VETERANS are a threat to America! This is bizarre!

    Can you believe this list? Do you believe in ALL of these things the government is AFRAID that you believe in? Like I do? If they want to deem me and my friends terrorists then bring it on – I am a terrorist! Come and get me big government because I firmly believe in all of the points from 1-10, according to you I am a threat to this country and so is everyone I know.

    The REAL threat is YOU Obama! The real threat are the nut bags in Congress! The real threat is the encroachment of our federal government and it is going to take the threat of Texas seceding to make America wake up to our out of control government. You no longer have to try and figure out just where Obama wants to take this country – because this list is a list of the Obama agenda laid out for you – in – dare I say? – Black and White?

    This is a scary list to me because this list represents all that Obama wants to have happen to America – these words, ladies and gentlemen, are FIGHTIN’ words! The line has been drawn in the sand – Texas has drawn the line – and now the American people – the true American citizens and OUR VETERANS – have drawn the line – this Obama administration is beginning to look feeble, inexperienced and dirty – out they must go – and it is YOU the American taxpayer who will make this happen.

    This radical and racist administration is trying to skew EVERYTHING towards black causes, anti- America and people of color. It is Obama who is a die-hard racist and who’s agenda is to promote black causes as much as possible and to, of course, ultimately give AMNESTY to the 30 million ILLEGAL immigrants that are in our country and absolutely GUARANTEE a re-election – as these ILLEGALS are allowed to vote for their “savior”. Power is that important to our elected officials and Obama.

    But with good news, Michael Savage has initiated a law suit against this woman who has written this document. The Thomas More Law Center, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan announced today that it has filed this lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano- the suit claims that the document “violates the civil liberties of combat veterans as well as American citizens by targeting them for disfavored treatment on account of their political beliefs”. This suit was filed on behalf of Michael Savage, Gregg Cunningham and Iraq war marine Kevin Murray.

    This suit claims that the DHS has violated the First and Fifth Amendment of these three plaintiffs by “attempting to silence their free speech, expressive association and equal protection rights”. The suit further states that the DHS “encourages law enforcement officers throughout the nation to target and report citizens to federal officials as suspicious right wing extremists and potential TERRORISTS because of their political beliefs”.

    Please stand with me in DEMANDING the firing of this anti-America woman and demand that pathetic Obama stand tall and actually LEAD this country rather than destroy this country. Contact your Senator and Representative – call them and fax them – ask for the IMMEDIATE firing of Janet Napolitano and make your voice heard today!

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