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  • U.S. Govt. to Impose 90% Income Tax on Socialized Businesses

    by Founder on May 19, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    So everyone wanted Obama to win the Presidential election, right? Everyone wanted “hope” and “change”, right? Well, here is your “change”. In the short time Obama has been in office he has turned this country upside down and littered his policies and ideas upon the American tax payer in the same way a King or Dictator would have it done.

    The way he is spending money makes me think he may – quite seriously – be insane. Has anyone told this guy the country is BANKRUPT?

    Yet, anything Obama seems to dream up – he is getting done. He is doing an end around on the American people by passing many of his Communist ideas without going through Congress, he’s using his Executive Orders to push through many of his ideas and he gets most of it done in the dead of the night.

    Don’t let them fool you – all of the top people in government knew of these provisions in the AIG bill – which is why they argued to alter it’s wording just prior to passing it. And now, to come out and act as if they are “shocked” at these bonuses is one of the most cowardly things I think I have ever seen.

    This is like the story of the little kid who told a lie and every time he was asked more about it he would lie more and pretty soon he was so deep into the lie – he just couldn’t turn around. This is what is happening with Congress, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama – they are so deep into their humiliation of AIG – that to take it even further – and to feel as if they are appeasing the American people – they have quickly passed a new tax law in an effort to get this bonus money back.

    People will say “well, it’s OK because it’s only for companies that get bail out money” – do not for one moment think that this first tax salvo will end our government’s burning desire to tax you to death! That’s right – don’t think this is OK! It is not OK! It is not just for “bail out” companies – you are next! Did you listen to these arrogant, elitist politicians as they verbally crucified the AIG executives? These creepy, corrupt politicians are the lowest of the barrel – they are void of principles and morality – and to me – their actions are sickening.

    These people in Washington are career politicians who have no idea what it is like to look for a job or figure out a house hold budget. These people are living in a bubble of fine dining and snobbery. They are living off of the incomes of you and me – and it is time that the American people say “enough is enough”!

    These are the people who are leading our country. These are the people who are shaping this nation for YOUR children. The government has just imposed a 90% income tax on bonuses given to employees who make over $250,000 at companies that have received over $5 Billion. And Charlie Rangel said that the states will pick up the other 10% – effectively taxing this money 100%. FDR also passed a 100% tax on income over $25,000 briefly in the 30′s. That is where this government is heading – how else will they pay for their waste and excess?

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    Our Congress just held an Emergency Meeting over this $160 Million and they now feel all proud of themselves – that they battled these big bad Capitalists – “for the little taxpayer” – but no one is talking about or is concerned with our declining dollar and the Trillions our government is creating out of thin air and “spending” – the Fed created $1.25 Trillion just yesterday! Our purchasing power has declined dramatically just in the last 24 hours – but all our political “leaders” want to talk about is this $160 Million – total insanity.

    This administration is under mining the Constitution by appropriating all of this money in an un-constitutional manner. They are bankrupting our country and our children’s future. What are We the People going to do about it?

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    To me, if a company receives $5 Billion from the government – I would say the government can do what they want – they do own the company – but to live in a society where the government is “giving” $5 Billion to a private company – this is not as society I want any part of – it is clear – if you take money from this administration – you are in effect “selling your soul to the devil”. This administration is about government take over – mob rule – Socialism – Communism and Fascism all rolled into one – the only thing missing? Capitalism – the one ingredient that could fix this whole problem.

    Stand tall with me against these gangsters in Washington. As the American people grow uneasy with Obama and his Socialist policies begin to permeate society – there will be uprisings. Obama will then order the military into the streets – and they will go about the country attempting to confiscate the firearms of American citizens – will you allow this? Will the Military – made up of “true Americans” really take to our streets? Will our Military be able to point a gun at an American tax payer? Time will tell. For now – PLEASE – make your voice heard today.

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