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  • A National Tax Revolt

    by Founder on May 20, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    download rocknrolla dvd Let’s make the government come begging to the people on their knees. The government thinks they are such big shots right now – they are controlling everything they can and forcing businesses and banks to do whatever they want through their mob rule tactics – right now the government is on a roll so to speak – but this could all come to a crashing end for the arrogant politicians that now run our country.

    As these corrupt politicians including Obama, Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Schumer, Rangel and the list goes on – as they manipulate the financial system and their own bank accounts the hard working tax payer is beginning to coil like a snake as we feel threatened by this tyrannical government and its Fascist leader Obama.

    The entire country is upside down right now. Obama is running around the world making new alliances with the Communist dictators of the world, he is selling the soul of America to the other countries while mixing in apologies for the way we are and were. Obama has done more to destroy this country in three months than all of the dictators of the world have done in the last 200 years.

    Everything is upside down as Obama prints, spends, taxes and borrows more money than has ever been discussed before with regard to U.S. budgets. He can’t say “no” to anything and feels that the government should somehow pay for EVERYTHING – Our great country which is symbolized by our red, white and blue stars and stripes flag, is spending money that we do not have- George Bush’s policies started it all and now Obama’s policies are completely bankrupting this country – now and for many generations to come. How is America to pull out of this mess? What is the future of this country if Obama is allowed to rum amuck for the next three and a half years?

    What are the people to do? Whatever happens – the remedy MUST be steeped in Capitalism and the principles and values laid out in the Constitution. America is and always was the grand experiment of freedom – whose road map was written in the Constitution. Our solution has already been written and it was written 200+ years ago. The founding fathers knew about the problems that a free society could encounter – and well, those problems are now here – a tyrannical government that is getting bigger every day and that is led by a man who’s thirst for power is unmatched by any president in history.

    Obama is now cozying up to the dictators of the world – people who have killed and murdered thousands for their thoughts – yet Obama holds court with these despicable people – Obama is an anti-American president who thinks Venezuela and Cuba are better countries than America – and who just recently accepted a book from Chavez that tells how bad America is and Obama follows it up by apologizing again for the perceived negatives of America. Our country has a terrorist as a president and We the People must rise up to de-rail the destruction of America and grab back our great country from this trash thinking idiot from Chicago.

    In my dreams I see the only answer as a coordinated tax revolt where all tax payers simply stop sending in their money to Washington. A hard core reminder of who exactly is in control here – it is the 100+ million taxpayers NOT the 1000 or so corrupt power hungry politicians.

    Stop sending Washington your money – why send it to them? They are just wasting it and giving it to other countries, big corporations, illegal immigrants or the poor. If I want to give these people or groups my money – I’ll do it – but I don’t want a gun to my head telling me I have to!

    A national tax revolt by the real people of this country would be an Atlas Shrugged for the ages. Make the politicians come begging to the American taxpayer. Make these corrupt politicians stop what they are doing and notice the people’s “shock and awe” – the shock that we are done paying you – you are corrupt and anti-American – the Constitution states that we may take our government back and rid it of the corrupt anti-American politicians that scurry like rats as they weave their corrupt web of lies.

    secret lives of second wives the divx online Please rise with me and voice your opinion against Obama and his association with the dictators of the world. The dictators who have called for the end of America. Obama is showing the type of person he wishes to be. He thinks these dictators are more important than YOU – the American taxpayer.

    He is appealing to the illegal aliens of this country – he is sending the message that he will soon have total power – just like they do in Cuba and Venezuela – and after he gives all of these illegals amnesty – you can kiss America goodbye as we knew it – America will be done – and a dictatorship will exist. It will get ugly in the streets and the real Americans that i know will fight back. Make your voice heard today.

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