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  • When Will Taxpayers Actually Do Something?

    by Founder on May 20, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It has been three months since Obama has been elected and look at what has happened to this country? America as we knew it will no longer exist under the Obama administration – he is so far left and radical that he wants to throw out the sacred principles of freedom and Capitalism and replace them with constraints and Socialism – government control of just about everything. Are We the People going to just lay back and let this happen!?

    What are we as taxpayers going to do about it? I see and hear many of the popular radio show hosts railing about the problems with Obama. I see Glenn Beck’s TV show talking about and lambasting Obama and his policies. But, where is this getting us? Are We the People going to just “talk” about the Obama administration for the next eight years as they destroy everything we hold sacred as an American? When will come the time that we actually stop what is occurring? And more importantly “how” will it happen?

    Attention American tax payers, do you see what is happening to America today? Our banks are slowly being nationalized. Did you ever expect this to happen – to America – the land of opportunity and prosperity? Or is it some thing you thought you’d only “read” about occurring in “other” countries? That is a huge step – when your banks get nationalized. Yet the masses of society don’t seem to care – they just go about their lives while Obama and his radical administration “stick it to them” in a big way! They just don’t know it’s happening – if they did – if they truly knew the ramifications of what was happening to them – the masses would not like it – no matter what the corrupt “polls” say!

    Do you see that the masses of tax payers are now being required to pay for the poor, the illegal immigrants, the unemployed, those that don’t want to work, the homeless and even those who couldn’t afford nor should have had a mortgage? The tax payers – the one’s who “did it right” – seem to be the ones who have to pay for all of this government corruption. But must this be so? Must we bend over and let Obama “stick it to us? When are the people of this country – the actual people who support this country – going to stand up and say “enough is enough?” – When will it happen that the tax payers say “Get this joker out of office and let’s restore some common sense and dignity back to government and the White House!” – when will this be said and ACTED upon?

    We must wake up! Obama keeps nominating people to the government who have questionable ethics – and to show how crazy everything is – our Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS is a tax cheat! Think about it – these are boys taking on the jobs of men!

    We cannot just talk our way through this Obama administration. We must act. Something MUST be done do STOP Obama from turning this country into a third rate country with tremendous poverty, unemployment and dependence on the government by the masses. We cannot let this happen! Our founding fathers would not stand for this and neither should we!

    Please America – if you are reading this – sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution – and make your voice heard. One voice does nothing but many voices – millions of voices – together – can move mountains. We are on the side of good and of what is right -Â we have God on our side and we shall prevail. America may be going through a tough time right now and we may have elected the wrong people into government – but this shall pass – and we shall once again gain control of our government, our money supply and our future.

    Stand with me and help speak for our founding fathers – speak for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness. Stand for the Constitution. Stand for principals and morality. Stand for a gold standard – to restore credibility to our currency once again. Stand for Capitalism. Stand for America. God Bless America.

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