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  • Congress – Stop Passing Bills and Start Making Spending Cuts!

    by Founder on May 21, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    What is up with our Congress? Over the past 8 months they have proven to be nothing but a bunch of arrogant elitists who have NO CONCEPT of what it is like to actually work for a living and live a life like a REAL taxpaying American. Under the current administration and those before it – our Federal government keeps growing and growing AND at the same time adding and making more and more laws and regulations – growing the size and power of the Federal government. This MUST stop and it must stop – NOW!

    What has happened to America?. It seems that no matter what happens – whatever kind of incident occurs – the next day there is a Congressperson who wants to pass a bill or make a new law. These pathetic Congressmen and women introduce these bills and laws everyday – SOLELY for their own personal political gain – they could care less about the welfare of this great country.

    ghost ship dvd download One incident occurs that hurts someone or effects a certain group and BINGO – the next day a politician comes out and wants to pass a bill or law to “PROTECT” the people – “for the good of the people” – those are Socialist and Communist words – not American words and phrases. Imagine – an entire bill or law that will effect EVERYBODY – yet was passed because of either one person or a group of people – and remember it effects US ALL – and this happens everyday in Congress.

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    Congress MUST STOP passing bills – there are enough laws and regulations already. A memo to the Federal government – STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES! Real Americans – you know – the taxpayers – don’t want government in our lives – we don’t need government in our lives. We must push and force the Federal government to massively shrink in size or the America as you and I remember it will be long gone – and replaced with Obama Land – a pathetic, run down, Socialist and Fascist country that will drop from being the world’s leader in Finance and Military to being just another run of the mill country dependent on the rest of the world for its existence. Is this the America you want to pass on to your children? Do you want Obama to throw away 200+ years of American history?

    Not only do these elitist politicians think of new bills to pass everyday – but they NEVER think about making CUTS! The ONLY thing our Congress should be doing is making spending and program cuts. The Federal government is completely bankrupt and shall look to YOU and ME for its support. They will look to your money and my money – when what they should be doing is STOP looking at the taxpayer to bail them out and start looking at themselves!

    Effective immediately there should be a FREEZE on any new bills or laws that expand government power and only allow those that REDUCE the size and power of government. If the government doesn’t smarten up and do this on their own – then the PEOPLE – the taxpayers shall rise up and FORCE them from power and TAKE BACK our country.

    Congress is completely out of control and out of touch – we must rid the government of these elitist, fascist and arrogant individuals – and we the taxpayers must use whatever means necessary – the future of America and your children’s America is at stake. If I could be in charge, I would reduce the size of government by 90% – that’s right 90%. There is SO MUCH waste and fraud in government that it would be easy to slash the Federal government down to size – we just need someone in there who is actually a REAL American – who understands our history and what this country was founded on.

    Please join me in this fight AGAINST Obama’s policies and AGAINST big government and our Congress. We the taxpayers cannot just sit idely and watch Obama tear this country apart and literally throw away 200+ years of history and sacrifice – a history and sacrifice that has fought AGAINST Fascism and Communism. Yet now it seems that this same Fascism and Communism we fought against has entered our borders and has infiltrated our Federal government. Please rise with me and stand tall with me – voice your opinion today! Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution.

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