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  • Obama’s Weakness Is Destroying America

    by Founder on May 23, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    taking lives dvd America now has a president who is completely out of touch with the bible and all that America stands for. These people that profess to love America – but they only love “their America” – an America that has nothing to do with the Constitution and small government. Obama is the weakest president I have know of during my life time – weakest in the sense that his “policies” are so anti-American and so liberal that they smell of corruption, HUGE spending, saying “yes” to EVERY program they can dream of and a thirst for power that has yet to be seen in the free America.

    Yes, there are people who support and love this guy BUT it is clear that these people do not know the history of this country – they are of the “new breed” – that is infiltrating Washington – who espouse European ideas and socialistic philosophies. I personally think these people are despicable and should be banished from any responsibilities that have to do with the taxpayers of this great country.

    download romeo juliet Obama speaks as if he is in support of the American people – the taxpayers – BUT – listen to how he talks – he speaks of the American people as if they (We) were his children – as if he was the big daddy who is taking care of us – Obama truly believes that the government SHOULD and has an OBLIGATION to “take care” of the people who live in America – whether they are a legal citizen or not.

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    Obama’s weakness has dragged along with him the dregs of political society – those politicians who have been corrupt their entire political careers – who have shunned the laws and words of the Constitution – these are the politicians who leech off of the federal government and do so at YOUR expense!

    But for the most part the American “people” – who voted for Obama – are too “busy” in their lives – the young adults and college age kids of America are too busy with their computer games and their partying to even care about “working hard” – the old America is being pushed out the door by the weakness of Obama and his incredibly liberal and massive spending policies – it borders on mental insanity – almost the brain of a low IQ moron who fuddles his way through the spending of money that he believes to be “fake” – play money- monopoly money.

    Obama is running wild in Washington doing anything he wants – traveling the world apologizing for America, kissing the hand of the Saudi King – whom he shouldn’t give the time of day, buddying up with Communist leaders Chavez and Castro – but Obama does what he wants – and his wants are poisoning the Washington landscape with his vile Socialist and Fascist philosophies. His weakness is even felt by the leaders of the other countries – and America is now seen as a pathetic, about to be socialized – third rate country – is this what you want?

    If you are an illegal alien or a Muslim – just know that your career is all set. The liberal and slanted main stream media and federal government are there for you – but are they there for the Constitution believing, taxpayers of this country? The answer is “NO”.

    Obama is an impostor and a danger, We must rise up as a people;e and REVOLT against his policies and wrestle this guy from the pulpit – if that is what is takes. Otherwise America is going to have the karma and atmosphere of a third rate dictatorship country – that ONE TIME – a long time ago had something called the “Constitution”. And this “Constitution” talked about the freedoms of the individual and the states – it laid out all the freedoms that they were to enjoy – and in fact – the document guaranteed that it was the Federal government who would protect those rights. It was a wonderful document.

    Obama’s pathetic weakness is destroying America and it only we the people – the taxpayers – can stop this insanity. When are the next tea parties? When are the next get togethers? We must keep going – keep growing and keep on keeping on! The media has called us “crazy”, “mobs”, “no clue” and “unorganized” – who cares about the media? SCREW them! Let’s “we the people” rise up and stop this mad man Obama in his tracks and let us leave the real America to our children – not the liberal shell that Obama wants to create. Please – make your voice heard today! And sign in as an American for the Constitution.

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