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  • We Will Rise and Fall Together – Since When Hilary?

    by Founder on May 23, 2009

    in Voice of the People

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     What did you think of the recent news about Hillary Clinton going over to China and literally begging them to keep buying our bonds? And even more, what did you think about her telling China that they are so important to us that our financial futures are tied together – that “we shall rise and fall together’ ? What do you think about this?

    Since when did America’s future depend on China? I’ll tell you when – ever since we, as a country, have gone heavily into hock with them! That’s when! We owe China over $700 Billion and they know we are not going to be able to pay this back. Why would China buy more of our bonds? If they stop funding our massive spending what shall happen then? That is what Hillary was talking to them about. She was telling them that if they stopped buying our bonds that may not even be able to continue paying them back – what we already owe them! That’s how we are intertwined! This is insanity.

    The American government needs to IMMEDIATELY cut spending. This is the only solution – but a solution they don’t seem to be considering. These people in our government right now are so addicted to spending and social programs that they simply cannot stop. They are spending junkies and openly have gone to China to beg for more money – just like a child would go to their parent. There are times today when I am embarrassed to say that these people represent me – they certainly do not represent my best interests – they only “represent” me – by default!

    I think our current politicians are in a jam and are about to be exposed for who they truly are. They cannot stop spending because of their entrenched corruption and they cannot CUT spending because of their entrenched corruption – what is a corrupt politician to do? Go begging for more money to feed the corrupt coffers! That’s all!

    As an American for the Constitution I can tell you that I envision an America that can produce its own goods, an America that can manufacture anything and everything it needs – this is the strong independent nation I see – I do not see a nation that – if some other nation fails, then – we fail too. Is this how you see it – or do you have confidence in an independent, strong and Capitalistic America? Since when did America “rise and fall” with any other nation? This is absurd! And it is our so called “leaders” who are speaking this way.

    To me that was like throwing up the white flag and surrendering – saying that we are no longer a nation of producers – rather only a nation of consumers.  How embarrassing! Please stand with me and voice your opinion against this treasonous language. Please stand strong with me and support the Constitution. Stand tall for an independent America – with strong productive Americans. Make your voice heard today!

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