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  • The Constitution is Being Trashed

    by Founder on May 28, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The administration of Barack Obama is continuing our government’s trashing of the Constitution. Only Obama – has put this trashing into overdrive! How often do you hear the words “the Constitution” mentioned by our elected officials? The people like Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Reid and Obama never mention the Constitution – and if they do it is in an appeasing sense to the “taxpayer”. These government officials who swore to uphold the Constitution – are doing the exact opposite – they are destroying the Constitution and in turn destroying America.

    The Bill of Rights guaranteed the States protection from the big bad federal government. The Bill of Rights was designed FOR the States – telling the States “Don’t worry about the BIG government – they will NEVER be able to take THESE rights away from you – in fact the government will protect these rights FOR you!” Well you can now see that one of the most important parts of our Constitution is itself being trashed – with the Federal government and the Dictatorship of Obama taking on more and more power – power that was once reserved for the States – usurping our freedoms at every turn.

    The most recent power grabs of Obama are trying to get the power to basically SEIZE any company they want – whenever they want AND being able to ignore the Constitution by retroactively SEIZING income from a group of individuals – whose income had already been agreed to by Congress – in the Bill THEY DIDN’T READ! Two questions:

    1. Where in the Constitution does it say the Federal government can seize property at their whim?
    2. Article I Section 9 Clause 3 FORBIDS “Bills of Attainder – which is an act of the Legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them without benefit of a trial – concerning the AIG fiasco, why isn’t the Congress and the Senate OUTRAGED about this blatant abuse of the Constitution?

    What we have here, fellow taxpayers, is the brewing of a Dictatorship. This is an autocratic form of absolute rule by “leadership” unrestricted by law, Constitutions or other social and political factors within the state. Do you currently feel that you are part of the decision making process of our federal government? How about your local government? Do you feel that our elected “leaders” listen to what you have to say and want? I believe that the feeling among the general taxpaying public is that the Obama administration is NOT listening to what the people want – in fact, the people feel that the Obama administration is DESTROYING our great America!

    If he doesn’t like America then he MUST go! You ask “how can our president not like America?” – well, look at his policies. America is a land of freedom, hope, prosperity, peace and did I say FREEDOM? We as a people NEED to know that the big government isn’t breathing down our necks. We want the freedoms to make our own decisions and the freedoms to pursue our own prosperity – unrestricted by the Federal government – We the People DO NOT WANT what Obama is offering!

    We the People MUST gain seats in the House and Senate in 2010 – gaining back some semblance of checks and balances within Congress and then the frosting on the cake would be to get Obama OUT in 2012 and CAPITALISTIC COMMON SENSE back in to the White House and Congress. We can do it. The hit list MUST include Dodd, Frank, Reid, Pelosi and Obama – rid our government of this slime and and We the People will be able to once again live in America – the true America.

    Please join me today as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today – do it for your self, your family and all future generations – it is our responsibility as humble, God fearing and loving people. God Bless America.

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