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  • Obama is Turning America into a Ghetto

    by Founder on May 29, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    If you voted for Obama – I hope you are now happy – because he has proven to be a ruthless dictator who merely wants to REDISTRIBUTE the nation’s money supply – to take it from those who HAVE and GIVE it to those who HAVE NOT – but soon will. This is the whole philosophy of Obama’s pet organization – ACORN. Their entire purpose is to put as many people ON welfare and put as much strain on the government as possible – creating economic havoc and safely crippling America. Is this what you voted for? Is this the America you know and love?

    Obama is without question the MOST Anti-American president in history and if allowed to continue unabated he will destroy America and turn it into a third rate, poverty ridden, ghettoized country. Is this the country you want to hand over to your children? Are we the taxpayers going to just sit back and let this insane man run our GREAT AMERICA into the ground? At what point are the taxpayers going to say “STOP”? At what point will you say “Enough is Enough” – and actually do something about it!? Get angry taxpayers! Get VERY angry – or Obama will continue this tirade!

    Look at a few examples of what this Fascist Obama has done since being in office – is this enough for you to get mad?

    1. Take over of the American banking system – giving them hundreds of billions of untraceable dollars – that have vanished into thin air.
    2. He is monetizing our debt – by buying Treasuries with PRINTED MONEY – not REAL money – but PRINTED paper.
    3. Forcing – through intimidation tactics – states to use bailout money in certain ways – NOT ways the states want to use it.
    4. Wasted hundreds of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars by giving the money to the car companies and other large companies – even though the car companies are now going bankrupt and the government will now own them – SICKENING! Where did your money go?
    5. Obama just had a fund raising trip to Vegas and LA – why? Why does this freak need to raise funds? The trip alone cost the taxpayers almost $500,000 – money that WE DO NOT HAVE – America is broke and Obama is traveling around as if he were a King.
    6. The government is thinking of passing a Value Added Tax – a tax that is levied at various levels of production and manufacturing – making all goods and services MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE to the American consumer. This is the type of tax used in Europe and the type of “hidden” tax that GROWS government and cripples an economy even further.
    7. Obama wants to shove Universal Health care down our throats – he has already passed a bill giving FREE health care to children of illegal immigrants – NOW he wants to give FREE health care to ALL Americans – and pay for it with his new Value Added Tax – this is a nightmare situation and will permanently cripple this great nation.
    8. Since in office the racist Obama has appointed nothing but minorities to powerful and important cabinet positions – if any white president before him had JUST appointed whites – the media and the pathetic PC society would have been in an uproar – BUT because it is the anointed one Barack Obama – no one says a word. He is clearly going to turn this country into a ghetto – run by people who DO NOT have the same values and traditions that America was built on. Very scary indeed.
    9. Obama has actually worked for his radical organization ACORN – which was formed to FORCE the redistribution of America’s income and to get as many people ON welfare as possible – thus forcing the redistribution of America’s income. A corrupt anti-American organization.

    I could keep writing for days about the incredible injustice that is Obama’s presidency. America’s obsession with political correctness and sympathy for minorities has led the populous to vote for an undeserving, somewhat stupid, black president – because they thought it would be “great” if America had its first black president – how novel – yet what a colossal mistake. Obama is slowly (quickly) turning America into one big mediocre ghetto – filled with welfare recipients and in doing so – is trying to own and control all private business and even your homes.

    Under Obama, the government will soon own all businesses, your mortgage and will control your health coverage – we will live in a controlled state – that has no bearing or resemblance to the Constitution and its writings. Is this the country you want to give to your children? Is this what you had in mind when you voted for Obama?

    Please people rise up with me and make your voice heard. We MUST vote this man OUT in 2012 – and we MUST stand strong against ALL of his anti-American policies. Just say No to the VAT. NO to Universal health care. NO to government control of businesses. NO to illegal immigrant amnesty. NO to new taxes. YES to cut spending. YES to cut and eliminate most government programs.

    Please taxpayers, sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me in the fight to right America once again. God bless America and make you voice heard – loudly – today!

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