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  • Communist Obama Has Sights on Total Control

    by Founder on May 30, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I need to ask again – what country do I live in? Since Obama has taken office here is what has happened (hold on):

    1. The Deficit has quadrupled.
    2. Corruption is now openly and blatantly accepted in our elected officials.
    3. The proposed unsustainable budget of $3.6 Trillion for 2010 will pass this week – tripling within 10 years.
    4. The United States government has taken over the Banking industry.
    5. The United States government has taken over the the largest Insurance company.
    6. The United States government controls the secondary mortgage market
    7. Obama has set aside $695 Billion for the government run health care program.
    8. The United States government is seeking un-Constitutional powers to seize any company at any time for any reason. And the list goes on.

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    Is this enough for you? This, my friends, is just the tip of the ice burg. What Obama wants to do – he will find a way to do. If not through his orders, it will be through the courts and if he can’t get what he wants through the courts he will take it to the Supreme Court where he has a surprise waiting for the American people in is his nominee to the Supreme Court – this will be a very radical individual who will be able to circumvent the Constitution just for Obama – corruption made to order! Then Obama will really be able to kick in to gear his radical, Socialist, Fascist and Marxist philosophies. You haven’t seen any thing yet.

    The latest Eastern European Industrialized policy Obama has displayed is his firing of GM CEO Rick Wagoner. The President of the United States PERSONALLY stepped in and dismissed this individual – he personally got involved. Obama thinks he can determine who works where – and he did. So how long will this insanity continue? Click here to read the comments Obama made recently concerning the Auto industry, GM and Chrysler. Read the words carefully and you will read the words of a Dictator – someone who thinks the government should and MUST control every aspect of your life! Very scary indeed.

    What business has the government ever successfully run? When has the government ever turned a profit? What business has Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Reid or Geithner ever run? Yet they are about to tell the Auto industry how to run their business! Congress will tell them how to sell cars. Obama will tell them who shall run their company, how much they can make and which cars to sell (“building the next generation of clean cars”). He is going to “stimulate” the industry by having 100,000 fleet cars purchased for government bureaucrats (while most American taxpayers drive used cars).

    Joke of the month – The government is going to help the industry “build a better business plan”! Also Obama said about the Auto industry that he doesn’t want them to “get saddled with so much debt, they can’t make future investments” – that is what he should be saying about the Federal government! His government! His arrogance is frightening and will drive this great country towards a catastrophic economic disaster – capped by MASSIVE hyper inflation in 18-24 months.

    Obama says Chrysler “needs a partner to remain viable” – so his international plan is to broker a deal with Fiat to get a foreign company to own Chrysler. Then once the deal goes through he is going to give this foreign owned company – $6 Billion to sustain themselves! American taxpayer money going to another foreign company only this time – right in your faces! Are you outraged yet? Is blood rushing from your eyes? Are you ready to scream? This administration is stealing the money right out of your pocket! Do you mind? Any child born today was just stuck with a bill for $22,000 by Obama. When is the outrage going to boil over into action?

    the zombies movie Please, America – stand with me and voice your opinion about this radical, bully government and the arrogant pay back by the Obama administration to all those individuals and groups who got him elected. This is not about fixing the economy – this is all about the corrupt pay backs that Obama feels he must do for those who got him voted in. This is corruption on a MASSIVE scale – all at the expense of the little guys and gals who pay the taxes – you and me. Please show your disgust and outrage – make your voice heard today!

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