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  • Un-Constitutional Takeover of GM and Chrysler

    by Founder on June 1, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    When will the people of America wake up and make a stand to stop what Barack Hussein Obama is doing to our country? Look at what is happening. Just in the short time he has been in office he has transformed what still was America (before he was elected) into a country whose government owns major businesses and industries! This is Socialism. This is the beginnings of another Venezuela. Like he said in LA the other day “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

    Remember way back? – it all started with the government wanting to ban “transfats” from the menus of restaurants. And everyone thought it was so cute how the government had a concern about your health – but little did the people of America know that this was the beginnings of the massive Progressive movement that wants to control every aspect of your life – that has taken over Washington and that is lead by Obama.

    Why did our government give $100 Billion to GM? For what reason? They are now bankrupt and the money is long gone. Is anyone asking when it will be paid back? Is the media asking? When will the media confront Obama for this insanity, corruption and hypocrisy?Where is the outrage from the taxpayers? Only one in five agree to the bailout – where are the other four out of five? Where is the outrage? We the taxpayers must wake up!

    Where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal government can takeover a private American company? The corruption that is occurring is happening right before your eyes and no one is doing anything to stop it. At the absolute least this should have been brought before Congress for a discussion and for the American taxpayer top have their say in what was happening. You give them a foot they take a yard. Washington is now running like there is no tomorrow – spending money that doesn’t exist and seemingly only living for today without any concern for all the future generations that shall come after us both monetarily and with regards to policy.

    If you think the government can effectively make a car and that these morons in government can run a profitable car company with a viable in demand product – I have some ocean front property to sell you in Las Vegas. The Obama administration is actually picking and choosing which car dealerships it shall close – based on whether the owner is Republican or Democrat! This is massive corruption. As the Obama group closes these thousands of dealerships – they are also costing over 100,000 jobs – this will greatly cripple the local communities involved and merely puts more people on the government dole – close up these contributing Republicans, put them out of business – put them on the dole and empower your supporters – quite a plan – and very corrupt.

    Where are the people talking about the blatant abuse of the Constitution that is occurring? Where are the champions of the Constitution? Shouldn’t that be the real focus here? Do you think the government will ever get out of the auto business now that it has sunk its teeth into it? How can this be reversed? Does it take waiting three and a half more years before we can rise up and get this maniac out of office? Or does it take someone to rise up and actually prove that Obama wasn’t even born in America? Look at the people he is appointing to his different cabinets and to the Supreme Court? Does this seem like an America loving person to you?

    Somehow Obama has weaseled his way into our governmental system and we as taxpayers have a duty and obligation to stop the progress of his agenda. We must stop his appointing of so called “czars” who seem to have impunity to Congress and who are empowered to make decisions without the discussion and consent of our Congress. This is insanity – this is Marxism – this is Socialism – this is NOT America.

    The American “sheeple” are just letting Obama and the 1000 other politicians in Washington just rob us blind and run over us all. We must rise up and voice our opinion AGAINST Obama and his march into a nanny state – right into Socialism. There are 138 Million taxpayers and only 1000 politicians – are we going to let them make these disastrous economic decisions without our consent? These are decisions that shall negatively effect our lives for as long as we are alive! And more so the lives of our children!

    I do not want to be part of this – do you? If you don’t then please don’t be part of the Obama sheeple – stand apart – stand for the Constitution – sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today – somehow and somewhere – if you don’t – if we the taxpayers don’t then this government will continue its take over of every single right you now have that you thought could never – ever – be taken away. Make you stand today!

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