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  • Obama the Muslim

    by Founder on June 3, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    How has America been infiltrated by Barack Hussein Obama? How is it that a Muslim is voted in as president of the United States – only eight years after the “Muslims” slammed two planes into the World Trade Centers? – Killing over 3500 innocent Americans – taxpayers.

    How has America sunk so deep that the “people” of America simply go along with EVERYTHING Obma suggests and does? Why didn’t the media properly research the back ground of Obama BEFORE he was voted in as president and BEFORE he was allowed to takeover our monetary system? Get outraged!!

    In an interview in Jerusalem Obama just said “America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” – WHAT? Are you kidding me? This man is clearly out of control and now that he is president he doesn’t care what information is leaked and released about his past – about his Muslim background, upbringing and beliefs. Obama right now feels like he can do, say and believe anything he wants and will FORCE these beliefs on the American taxpayer – unless we rise up together and stop this tyrant. Obama wants America gone and a new more European, nanny state to replace it.

    In reality, the opposite of what Obama says is true – America is barely in the top forty Muslim countries – so his statement is another blatant lie – that ironically can be easily checked and debunked – so why he would make this lie? – Is he pathological? Obviously he is just saying these things to appease the Muslim people. Notice Obama will say ANYTHING he has to – depending on who is listening to him and who he is trying to persuade.

    Why is Obama over there? What is he trying to accomplish? Why is he kissing butt to a specific religion? Does he think the terrorists are going to lay down their arms because he says so? This man has NO concern for America and clearly wants America gone – we must get Obama OUT – NOW! During his speech he even quoted the Quran – three times! That’s right – the Quran – NOT the Bible – and one of the quotes was “Be conscious of God and always speak the truth” – Obama speaking the truth? Conscious of God? Does anyone believe Obama does either? Which God is he referring to? And which truth? The Muslim God and truth?

    During his campaign Obama repeatedly said he was NOT a Muslim – as was on his website – “Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian”.

    john q movie Remember – he will say ANYTHING he has to say – whenever he has to say it – in order to push HIS agenda. Obama referred to his “Muslim schooling” numerous times in his autobiography – he was raised in Indonesia – his father was Muslim – he studied the Qur’an – his entire upbringing was Muslim – but the media would not go there during his campaign – and look what America is stuck with now.

    I think it is obvious to all that Obama is a Muslim – look where he is right now – with the Muslims! He is with the Saudi King Abdullah and will then do a speech in Cairo to a mostly Muslim audience. Does any of this bother you as an American taxpayer? Obama traveling in the Middle East – kissing Muslim butt – bowing to the Muslim leaders – and apologizing for America’s “actions” at every turn – apologizing for the Iraq war – does this outrage you?

    Can you picture any other U.S. president doing this? Why would a U.S. president do this? America is falling apart and this moron is over with the Saudis speaking to HIS Muslim people – the same people partly responsible for the 9/11 disaster – and Obama is meeting with them, smiling with them – perhaps plotting with them. When is America going to wake up?

    download grind online Please taxpayers – step back and look at this situation – our president is a Muslim, he has strong Muslim ties – is with the Muslims right now – and since he has been in office has done everything anti-American he can possibly do in the short time he has had the power.

    Please America – we must rise up together and squash these policies of Obama – we must squash his attempt at destroying America. It even looks like he is doing this all for the sake of the Muslims – it’s almost as if they couldn’t have hand picked a better candidate to destroy America and build up the Muslim world – which is coincidentally EXACTLY what the Muslims want.

    Be afraid people – be very afraid. We must thrust the Constitution back into the spotlight, demand that our elected officials work for us and uphold the Constitution – and WE the people MUST make our voices heard NOW OR use whatever means necessary to STOP Obama from destroying America and her 200+ years of history.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us today. Make your voice heard – loudly – today. America is NOT a Muslim country and will never be. Is this the America you want to pass on to your children? Please wake me from this nightmare that is Obama.

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