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  • Obama Trashes the 5th Amendment

    by Founder on June 6, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

    Obama is now in the process of taking over Chrysler and throwing out 150 years of law as he trashes the bankruptcy hierarchy and the Constitution – all for the purposes of PAYING OFF those that got him elected – to the tune of a whopping $50 BILLION! This is a gross example of total and massive corruption – and MUST be stopped!

    In bankruptcy law – the SECURED creditors are first in line to receive their money back and the UNSECURED creditors are AFTER them. Let us look at the example of what the federal government is doing to the State of Indiana. The state had taken a huge portion of their state pension funds and loaned them to Chrysler – with the contract stating that the state of Indiana would receive back a minimum of 100% of these funds. But what has the radical Obama done?

    Obama has told all of Chrysler’s SECURED creditors that instead of getting back 100% on the dollar for their investments – like it says in the CONTRACT – they would receive just 29 cents on the dollar! And this was a final offer by the federal government – an example of mob rule with no due process. Then the UNSECURED creditors – essentially the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) are to receive 59 cents on the dollar AND a 55% ownership in the company! So Obama gave the UNSECURED creditors most of the money and has thrown the SECURED creditors out the window – along with bankruptcy law and the American Constitution.

    This move by Obama was a clear and obvious PAYOFF of $50 Billion to the UAW – which was very instrumental in getting Obama elected. This amounts to massive corruption and a violation of the 5th Amendment. In doing this – Obama has cost thousands of hard working taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars in their pensions – he has in effect – through mob rule and force – taken away the property and wealth of these individuals and GIVEN it to those in the UAW! And this was all done WITHOUT due process of law – was done in the dead of night while being pushed through by Obama and his White House – and all the judges just seem to go along with Obama – are they afraid of him?

    Remember what he told Joe the Plumber about his ideas for the “redistribution of money” – VERY SCARY indeed.

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    Obama does not care about taxpaying Americans – Obama does not care about hard working Americans who believe in the Constitution. This president has been trampling all over the Constitution ever since he took office. Good ole’ George Bush opened the door to these type of shenanigans and Obama simply drove a truck right through the door.

    What is to become of the law, the Constitution or the faith future investors will have in America? Who in their right mind will invest in an American company if Obama can just go in when he feels like it and CONFISCATE the money? – Just as if he had a gun to their heads. Is this the government and America you want to leave to YOUR children?

    Taxpayers of this great country – we must rail AGAINST Obama and his Socialist/Fascist philosophies. He wants to turn this great country into a third rate mediocre nanny state country – he has even said on his current American apology tour that “No one country can impose itself on another” and “That one country cannot be held as better than the others” – huh? – this throws out the notion that America IS the greatest country for freedom and prosperity in the world and that we are a special nation.

    America is a very special place – look who was able to become president? A snake oil salesman, college professor who talked his way into the presidency. Now where else can that happen? America IS special. We have a special history of sacrifice, freedom and prosperity. We are a different people than the rest of the world – the taxpayers embolden the “American Spirit”.

    not as a stranger online download America IS the leading country in the world – yet if Obama is allowed to single handedly dismantle our Constitution and our country – our 200+ years of history and greatness may be flushed down the toilet along with all those who bravely fought for our independence, freedom and liberty.

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    Today is the celebration and remembrance of D-Day June 6th, 1944 when the American won a pivotal victory AGAINST Fascism and the Nazis (the same type of government Obama is trying to put in place is the type of government millions of Americans lost their lives fighting AGAINST) – yet we have Barack Hussein Obama – an American hating Muslim presiding over these celebrations and memories. He is the LAST person I want there and it is an utter embarrassment that this military hater is even allowed to be there.

    We as American taxpayers MUST rise up and make sure this president ONLY serves one term – IF he is allowed to make it to the end of his first term. Who owns this country? Is it the Chinese? Is it the 1000 corrupt politicians in Washington? – OR IS IT THE PEOPLE? These corrupt, out of control politicians, work FOR THE PEOPLE – do not forget this! We the people must rise up and march in the streets – July 4th, September 12th – two important days this year for American taxpayer demonstrations.

    Join me as an American for the Constitution and help in the battle to once again regain control of our country. Remember – the states CREATED the Federal government – not the other way around. We the states, gave the Federal government SOME of our power – now the Fed is OUT OF CONTROL – we the taxpayers MUST once again regain this control.

    Obama is in for a big surprise. The American taxpayer is not just going to roll over and play dead like the people of Venezuela – for Obama’s hero – Chavez. We WILL fight back – we will NOT be pushed around and trampled on. Obama – you are gone in 2012 – just know it. His trash politics and blatant corruption will not stand. We are a country of LAWS – and one way or the other these laws will be adhered to – just as is written in the Constitution. Please make your voice heard today!

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