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  • Obama and Congress – Stop Thinking of New Ways to Tax Us!

    by Founder on June 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It seems every time I pick up the paper or browse the news on the net – I see that the government and Obama are devising new ways to tax the hard working Americans and turn this country into a pathetic, third rate nanny state. My message today and to you in the Federal government is PLEASE stop spending your time thinking up new ways to get MORE of our money – and ONLY pay for your new “programs” by cutting spending elsewhere!

    This is a novel idea for the Obama administration – but if they want to have all these wonderful social programs that require billions of dollars – then the ONLY way they should be able to have them is by cutting an equal amount of other spending to – make way – for these proposed new allocations of funds. Obama thinks he can just keep spending and spending without any repercussions to the money supply, interest rates or the deficit. Obama is moron. He has NO IDEA how to run a successful business much less a balanced check book – yet somehow this man became president of the United States!

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    Obama has such wonderful aspirations: He wants to offer health care to all. He wants to be able to feed and house all the poor – those who are “less fortunate”. He wants to control the climate. He wants to control the banking, mortgage, auto and insurance industries. And how is he going to do all of this and pay for all of this? He wants to TAX YOU TO DEATH!

    Obama wants to tax your health benefits at work. Obama wants to institute a European style Value Added Tax. Obama wants to tax anything and everything in order to pay for the Socialism of America. Obama wants there to be no poor people and no rich people (except himself of course). Obama wants America to be just another run of the mill country. Obama wants America to be a Muslim country. Obama wants to liberalize, socialize and ghetto-ize this country until it is only a shell of its past greatness.

    Why does this government think they can add new programs to the deficit WITHOUT taking away other useless programs? It should be a law – especially given our current deficit situation – the ONLY way to ADD a new program is to take one away – of equal dollars. This notion of looking for new ways to tax us is INSANITY and if continued will collapse this country’s economic system – maybe this is what Obama wants – after all it’s what the Muslims want.

    Where did all the TARP money go? What about the BILLIONS that have been given to the Auto makers – who, by the way, just filed for Bankruptcy – where did these BILLIONS go? The government should and MUST be required to account for every penny.

    Do you see what is happening in Europe now? The elections are showing that the majority of people in Europe are sick and tired of the failed Socialistic policies and want more freedoms and prosperity – where will they get this? Capitalism – that’s where. The Europeans are fed up with government control and massive taxing. This is clearly a message that Obama, Congress and the American taxpayer must pay very close attention to – if not then in 10, 20 or 30 years America will be doing the same move – to get away from the clutches of Socialism and the disastrous economic policies on one Barack Hussein Obama.

    Stop spending and start cutting- why is this so difficult for Obama to understand? He keeps on spending and spending – then he comes out in the news and says the country is broke and that the recession will last for many years – is this guy for real? Is he really that much of a politician that he doesn’t even recognize how blatantly he is talking out both sides of his mouth and how he actually believes the myriad of lies he has delivered to the America taxpayer – especially during his campaign.

    lease taxpayers join with me and denounce this traitor for what he is. Please rise up with me and be an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Stand against Obama and his tax, borrow, print and spend strategies. Obama must go in 2012 – America and her taxpayers CANNOT last much longer at the current pace of insanity.

    Listen up Obama – No more new programs. No nationalization of health care or private businesses. No focusing on the poor of this country at the expense of those WITH money. Your socialist and Fascist policies are a thing of the past and any common sense hard working citizen wants these forms of oppressive government abolished – just as we all want your presidency abolished – go live with the Muslims – they seem to love you so much – just get out of the greatest country in the land – America.

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